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with Lisa Mays
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My Paella Travels™

It’s not just food, It’s an experience……. Experience the art of cooking Authentic Spanish Paella with Lisa.

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Texas Wine Mistress

Tag along with Lisa as she explores different flares across Tennessee and Texas or wherever her travels may take her.

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My Texas Plate

Lisa is passionate about wine and holds the WSET III Advanced Certificate. Lisa is a student of wine.

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Wine & Cocktails

What are YOU drinking? Read about hand-crafted cocktails with Lisa and more.

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Whether we are cooking up some Paella or visiting a wine festival – follow along for the fun!

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Hello. My name is Lisa. I love good food, wine, spirits, traveling to the wine country, and masterfully created cocktails. Writing articles about food, wine, spirits, cocktails and the local culinary scene in Nashville is something I am passionate about which has given me the opportunity to participate as media to cover several wine and food festivals across the country. Let me know how we can work together to spread the word about your product.
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