A Refreshing Twist on a Classic Favorite ~The French 75~ made with Riondo USA Prosecco Punto Rosso DOC Sparkling Wine

For when the wine is in, the wit is out.
Thomas Becon (1512–1567)


Of all the wines that I love,I do believe my most favorite are COOL,CRISP and BUBBLY,FIZZY SPARKLING WINES. There is something celebratory about popping the cork on a bottle of bubbly. A little twinge of excitement comes over me. It’s the little things that call for celebration. Friday! Friends coming to dinner! Or, my favorite pass-time,just chilling while enjoying the end to a great day or watching a beautiful sunset listening to music.
Sparkling wines are extremely versatile. I can’t think of too many foods that don’t pair well with Sparkling Wines.

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Ok. So I decided to make the Classic French 75 with Prosecco instead of Champagne. Well,I had a bottle of Prosecco chilled! Prosecco,as you know,is the classic Sparkling Wine of Veneto,Italy.
I just happened to have a chilled  bottle of RIONDO USA’s PROSECCO PUNTO ROSSO.

Crisp,dry,lemony and refreshing-this Prosecco DOC is a perfect balance of citrus fruit with a long finish and is perfection on its own. Prosecco has become increasingly popular world wide and in the US. To protect its quality,DOC status has been been given to these sparkling wines to ensure that every bottle that you purchase is 100% Prosecco and grown in Veneto,Italy. DOC = “Controlled designation of origin”

A French 75 is a classic cocktail dating back to the First World War! Some say it was named for a French 75mm artillery piece.

Well,that’s a great story to get a conversation started anyway!

This bubbly,lemony Sparkling Wine Cocktail is refreshing and delicious. The fresh lemon is tart and fruity and pairs well with the intense orange flavor from the Cointreau and the herbs and spices of Plymouth English Gin including juniper,orange peel,lemon and cardamom.

It seems that the trend is reviving Classic Cocktails. I found this wonderful little treasure at IBEZA FINE GIFTS. FRANK’S LITTLE BLACK BAR BOOK is packed full of creative cocktails that have been favorites for many years. Here is the recipe-straight from the book. I used Prosecco instead of Champagne and a lemon twist instead of orange.
You can purchase the Frank’s Little Black Book at Ibiza OR www.wakestonepress.com

The recipe for FRENCH 75 is in the “FAVORITES” section of the book.



THANKS! Frank. I love your book! I predict there will be many more cocktail experiences in my house!


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