Andalusia Whiskey Co is Celebrating the Release of PX Sherry-Finished Whiskey with a Paella Party!

Andalusia Whiskey & Paella: A Perfect Pairing!

PX Sherry-Finished 3-Pack Release Party!

Where: Andalusia Whiskey Company, Blanco, Texas  

Chef Lisa Mays of  My Paella Travels                                                                                                                   

When: Saturday, November 9th 

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Your Experience:

$125/set of 3 x 375 ml bottles of Triple Distilled, Revenant Oak and Stryker 

$15 per Plate of Paella Mix: A combination of  Shrimp, Chicken and Chorizo simmered a rich and savory Broth 

Flamenco Music 

*There will be about 100 servings available for purchase

All three Andalusia whiskies were barreled the traditional two years, respectively, and then an additional 6 months in PX Sherry barrels to impart the richness of aromas and flavors of this famous fortified wine of Spain.

What better way to celebrate Andalusia’s release of whiskey that has spent time in the barrels of rich and intense flavors and aromas imparted by PX (Pedro Jimenez) Sherry. This Spanish-themed day of celebration will include Paella, Spanish Flamenco music and dancing!

A little history

Jerez is the region of sherry production and Andalusia is the center of Sherry production which is located the southwest region in Spain. This is the center of sherry production between Cadiz and Seville and the center of this industry which is referred to as the Sherry Triangle.

Combined with the hot and humid climate, these fortified wines barreled in this area of Spain produce several styles of sherry including PX. The barrels are used to ferment the whiskey and the result is the intermingling of rich, complex flavors such as dates, figs, raisins, coffee, honey, and dark chocolate— to name a few. The result is a whiskey with a cornucopia of an intense flavors and aromas flavors with a long-lasting finish.

Texas-Inspired Spanish Paella

Follow the rich aromas of  the simmering paella and you’ll find some of the best paella in Texas! Chef Lisa began her paella journey when living in Dripping Springs 7 years ago. Although she moved back to Nashville for a while, her “Paella has Traveled” back to the Austin where she is known for her richly -flavored Texas-inspired Spanish Paellas. She cooks paella using authentic Spanish techniques, only the finest ingredients, and local ingredients including local Spanish chorizo. Your mouth will water as you follow the aromas of the paella in the air!

Lisa has paired up with her friend and “Sous Chef” Suzy and will be whipping up large pans of delicious paella! Over the years, Suzy has assisted Chef Lisa at several events, including a paella cook-off several years ago.

Check out the photos below to get a preview of the whiskey and paella-awesomeness that awaits you!

Andalusia Whiskey Company has quickly become one of our favorite distilleries. We just love the whiskey they produce and enjoy just hanging out for a tasting or a cocktail.

Andalusia Whiskey creates some of the best cocktails on the Whiskey Trail!

My family spent some time with the whiskey distiller Hunter Anderson and learned how Andalusia Whiskey is made.

This photo is of Suzy and I just finishing up on at paella cook off!

one of the many paellas made by Chef Lisa in the Austin area

It was a hot day but the paella was even hotter at a private event in Pflugerville!

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