Are You Sipping on Texas-Made Pink Dandy Bubbles this Summer?

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What are you sipping on this summer?

Here in Texas, our summers are long and hot;  that’s a fact. In the Texas High Plains, the weather is just right for growing grapes and turning them into a cool, refreshing sparkling wine and that’s just what wine maker Rae Wilson has done.

Sip on what Texas has to offer

There is not a better way to enjoy what Texas has to offer. Texas-made and Texas-grown wine is something we are so proud of here in Texas. Patience, thoughtfulness and hard work is put into each and every bottle and it shows.

In a collaboration with Wine for The People and The Grower Project, Rae has worked skillfully to create a gorgeous, bubbly sparkling rosé made from Texas-grown grapes which is made by Texans for Texans as well as the rest of the world to enjoy.

Dandy Bubbles 2018 just arrived at my door and we have been taking the opportunity to sit outside on the porch in the evening and sip on one of my favorite 100% Texas wines.

Dandy Bubbles is a sparkling pink rose’ made similar to how champagne (methode champenoise) is made in Champagne, France but because it’s Texas (or any other state) it’s called sparkling wine.

This brilliant pink sparkler is made from grapes grown in Texas that are suited for this hot, mostly-dry climate so I believe you get the best of what the grape has to offer.

For your information, Dandy Pink Bubbles is a blend of Pinot Meunier, Counoise and Sangiovese and fermented to dry and 12.5% Alc.

This fun and versatile wine is simply a rustic sparkler with many dimensions of flavors and textures (mouth feel). Most wines are filtered or go through a fining process to filter out the lees (spent yeast cells) making the wine clear. When wine is left unfiltered, it is a bit cloudy -which I think is too cool- leaving the spent yeast cells to keep adding more flavor. So, don’t worry about the sediment; it’s what gives the wine more character and means more flavor!

Flavors of cranberry, raspberry and strawberry jump out of the glass and tickle your palate along with a hint of warm biscuit aromas swirling around your nose. And, because it’s dry, the flavors of the fruit  come through with a delightful tingly acidity that you experience when biting into a ripe strawberry.

Can you tell how much I love this pink juice? I do!

Every day should be celebrated – no matter what is going on around us – and Dandy Pink Bubbles is the perfect wine for enjoying your life just a little bit more.


Pair this lovely sparkler with a variety of your favorite summer dishes! Cool salads, fruit, grilled meats and vegetables will the the perfect accompaniment to most any dish you can think of!



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