June 13, 2017


#cookwithlisa @winewithlisa Flavors of bright lemon, briny capers, creamy butter and lively wine marry together to create a luscious sauce

#cocktailswithlisa @winewithlisa Cheers to the most satisfying and refreshing summer cocktail ever! We love Sangria and this recipe is probably

Samples were provided by Milam & Greene Distillery Change the way you think (about) and drink whiskey At some point

#Cocktailswithlisa @winewithlisa  Samples were provided by Devils River Whiskey and the reviews are my own. Boozy Ice Cream Sandwich:  Here's

@winewithlisa  #cocktailswithlisa  #cookwithlisa Texas whiskey-inspired Chicken Wings for you! Grilled chicken wings are the quintessential summertime food. We love wings of

#CocktailswithLisa  @winewithlisa How do you make an Old Fashioned into a refreshing cocktail in summertime heat? When living in Texas,

@winewithlisa  #mytexasplate  French Connection Wines is a Texas winery located in Hye, Texas along the Texas Wine Trail on 290

#MyTexasPlate  @winewithlisa  Brilliantly colored wildflowers are abundant across the Texas landscape in the spring, especially when we have adequate winter

@winewithlisa  #cocktailswithlisa  #mytexasplate What are Spanish G & T's?  Spanish G & T's are to cocktails what is paella is

@winewithlisa  #winewithlisa #MyTexasPlate Follow me to French Connection Wines for more delicious reviews of where Texas meets France on 290

#MyTexasPlate    @WinewithLisa Lately, I've been obsessed with making focaccia and I thought making pizza would be another way we

#MyTexasPlate   @winewithlisa   Focaccia Art Yep, I jumped on the bread art bandwagon like so many this year and

#MyTexasPlate   @winewithlisa Plays well with food Some play music, some play with paint, I play with food. I've been

#MyTexasPlate   @winewithlisa No Recipe Frittata is PERFECT for Mother's Day  Frittatas are a beautiful thing. The Italians knew how

#MyTexasPlate  @winewithlisa Here's a salad that will feed a crowd any night of the week or perfect for a celebration

#MyTexasPlate  @winewithlisa Perfect for Cinco de Mayo celebration! Corn on the cob cooked on the grill transcends corn to a whole

#myTexasPlate  @winewithlisa Lemons, Olive Oil, Herbs and Feta rock this chicken dish! Anytime you combine chicken thighs with lemon, olive oil,

#MyTexasPlate @winewithlisa  Wondering what to make with those boneless pork chops in your freezer? My freezer is packed full of

#MyTexasPlate #cookwithlisa @winewithlisa @mypaellatravels This is THE perfect recipe to get the kids involved! Use everyday food items to create

#CocktailswithLisa @winewithlisa As part of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, I  received samples from Devils River Whiskey for a virtual