“Beyond Sustainable” Cline Family Cellars Farmhouse Wines Will Become Part of Your Family Tradition at the Thanksgiving Table

Cline Family Cellars is committed to clean “natural process farming” with their wine as well as their produce.

(Offered samples have been evaluated and written  with my own opinions)

Right now, most everyone has begun planning for their Thanksgiving feast and probably Christmas too. This time of the year, especially, there’s always a question about which wines to serve will the many dishes that are served and everyone will enjoy too.

With all of the increased interest in sustainably-farmed foods that connect us to a more natural way of living, the Cline Family Cellars offers two wines (white and red) that you can feel good about serving to your family as well as enjoy!

With many years of family traditions and the desire to get back to the basics farming practices, Fred and Nancy Cline teamed up with Bob Cannard and created the Green String Farm and Institute in Petaluma, CA  and an Internship program where students from all areas of the world learn methods of “beyond sustainability” including cultivating healthy, biodiverse, and living soils. Hopefully, they will share the knowledge and learned skills for future farmers to incorporate in their farming practices.

The Green String Theory means stringing humanity and nature together; Healthy planet = Healthy People. Not only do they produce sustainable produce, they are making “user-friendly, easy drinking wines with good body and flavors” for everyone to enjoy.

Check out the video here that features Cline Family Farms and the Green String Theory.

Farmhouse wines are “clean” wines with no chemicals and produced by a natural process of farming.

Farmhouse Red is a blend of sustainable California grown grapes including Zinfandel, Syrah, Carignan, Mourvedre, and Petit Sirah. This is an approachable wine that will be embraced by everyone at your feast. This blend of grapes lends a full-bodied wine with aromas and flavors of dark cherry, zesty raspberry with a hint of black pepper creating a versatile wine pairing will complement any dish you will serve. From roasted meats to vegetable casseroles, this juicy red wine will be a hit.

Farmhouse white blend is a gorgeous crisp and aromatic combination of Palomino, Muscat Canelli, Roussanne, Marsanne, Viognier and Riesling! It’s virtually a cornucopia of flavors, textures and a lovely citrus and floral finish just right for the white wine drinkers of the family. Not only does this wine pair with every dish on your table, it will also be a refreshing pairing with pumpkin and pecan pie as well as other holiday desserts.

Farmhouse red and white will be on my table for Thanksgiving.  How about you?

AND, very affordable for all of your celebrations big and small.

2016 Farmhouse Red (Suggested Retail Price $10.99) and 2017 Farmhouse White (Suggested Retail Price $10.99).

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