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Covington Gourmet Sweet Potato Vodka from North Carolina is The “Best Yam Vodka” on Earth Which Makes The Best Moscow Mule on Earth!

Covington’s Sweet Potato Vodka from North Carolina is America’s Vodka. Actually, it makes every cocktail the best!


Vodkas around the world should take notice! There’s a new vodka on the horizon distilled from sweet potatoes and it is exquisite! Covington Gourmet Sweet Potato Vodka is a beautiful reflection of our proud Southern heritage and the fruits or sweet potatoes from North Carolina. Covington is actually the name of the species of sweet potatoes that make the vodka.

The wildly popular 2014 Music City Food and Wine Festival in Nashville hosts many new products on the market, especially artisan spirits. The Covington Gourmet Sweet Potato sign caught my eye and I couldn’t resist finding out more because I am passionate about artisan small batch spirits that reflect the local farmers, especially in the South.

SweetPotatoVodkaPicMonkey Collage

On the left is Mary Rich, PR and Marketing. The gentleman in the photo is Jimmy Burch’s son, Jared Burch and on the right is Elizabeth Revell, who helps with the Vodka brand and helps run Burch Farms. The owners are Jimmy Burch and Bobby Ham, who live in eastern North Carolina. They have a 7000 acre farm in Faison, NC, on the way to Wilmington, just off of I-40 where the famed, Covington Sweet Potatoes are grown.

How I drink sweet potato vodka….

Lately, I have enjoyed creating cocktails with vodka because that’s what I like! Little did I know that this gourmet vodka from North Carolina would kick my Moscow Mules in the beautiful Oggi Moscow Mule Copper Mugs way up at to the top of my cocktail list. Or, a couple of splashes over ice is another way to enjoy it. I can’t say that I have enjoyed that experience with other vodkas. You don’t even need an olive to enjoy the velvety mouthfeel and delicate creamy flavors. Keep a chilled bottle of this exceptional vodka so you can share an authentic flavor of the South with your friends.

Listed below is my favorite Moscow Mule recipe. Covington Gourmet Sweet Potato Vodka adds a rich, balanced layers of flavor that pair well with a exceptional  Bundaberg Ginger Beer that has big flavors of fresh spicy ginger and lots of bubbles. I do like to add freshly made ginger syrup to give it yet another layer of flavor and because I love ginger! A splash of fresh lime juice and mint leaves  completes this recipe for a refreshing vodka cocktail.



The Best Moscow Mule on Earth!
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
  • Ingredients
  • ½ ounce lime juice
  • Fresh, homemade Ginger Syrup (optional but I really love this addition)
  • 2 ounces Covington Gourmet Sweet Potato vodka
  • 4 to 6 ounces Bundaberg Ginger Beer
  1. In a saucepan, simmer 1 C water, 1 C sugar and 4 or 5 slices of fresh ginger until sugar is dissolved.
  2. Cool in pan and then place is a sealed container.
  3. Squeeze lime into a copper mug and drop in half lime.
  4. Fill the copper much halfway with crushed ice,
  5. Pour in the vodka and fill with cold ginger beer and a good slash of ginger syrup.
  6. Stir and serve with a lime slice and fresh mint.



11 2014

Lisa’s Weekly Wine Pick: Dominio De Tharsys Cava Brut Natural Sparkling Wine from Spain

Hey Nashville, What are YOU drinking?

 Add sparkle to your summer with Dominio De Tharsys Cava from Spain!


Dominio De Tharsys pairs perfectly with the summer! 

Good news! Cava (Spanish Sparkling Wines) can rival sparkling wines from France in complex flavors and aromas yet be enjoyed at a much lower price!

Can you imagine a summer without sparkling wine? I can’t! Once the cork is popped on this delightful Cava, the golden bubbles climb up the flute to escape and release complex aromas of floral white flowers, tangerine, lemons and shortbread. Once you have  taken a sip, the dry, clean and crisp acidity wakes up your mouth and palate. The luscious creamy finish is due to the classic method champenoise or “fermentation in the bottle.” Grapes native to Spain are used in the production of Cava as well a chardonnay for additional flavor and structure.

About Dominio Pago de Tharsys Cava from Pago De Tharsys in Spain:

*Apellation: D.O. Cava Utiel-Requena Region, Spain

*Spanish Sparkling white wine

*Brut Naturale: or bone dry wine i.e. very little to no residual sugar

*Best Cava of Spain in 2005” (Enoforum)

*Grape variety: 80% Macabeo and 20% Chardonnay

*Serve chilled at 45-48 degrees in a flute glass

*Pairings: Dominio De Tharsys is a great way to begin any and all gatherings and celebrations and pair well with fresh salads, pasta dishes with seafood, Japanese food such as sushi, salmon, ham, fried chicken and all types of tapas!

*Price: around $12.99

*Availability in Nashville: Currently Grand Cru Wines and Spirits and will soon add more locations!

Distributed by my hard-working friends at 100 Percent Italiano 100 Percent Fine Wines! in Nashville, TN




Refreshing Summertime Peach Bourbon Slushy: Green Brier Distillery’s Belle Meade Bourbon & The Peach Truck’s Fresh Georgia Peaches

Taste the summer in this cool and refreshing frozen peach and bourbon whiskey cocktail! You will surely THANK ME later!

PeachSlushyPicMonkey Collage

Hurry! Summer won’t last forever!

Of all the cocktails I have ever made, this has to be one of the very best!

It may be the best because it’s a welcomed heat and thirst-quenching frozen concoction that tames the sweltering hot Tennessee summer or maybe because I used fresh, sweet and juicy Georgia peaches from The Peach Truck. Or, could it be Tennessee’s own smooth Belle Meade BourbonWhiskey that makes this frozen cocktail absolutely rock? This may just be one of the best collaborations of ingredients that I have ever whipped up. Just about everyday of the week during the summer months The Peach Truck(s) travel from Georgia to Nashville on its weekly Small Town Peach Tour . Bags of the juicy summer jewels go fast at all the Nashville locations. From a few of Nashville’s store parking lots to weekly local farm’s markets, these juicy Georgia peaches come rolling in to eager Nashville peach-lovers!

I love these Georgia peaches right out of the bag but how delightful they are when frozen and blended with Tennessee’s finest Bourbon.


                                                                                  Thank you, Andy and Charlie!

Andy Nelson and Charlie Nelson resurrected Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery that was founded in the 1800’s by their great-great-great grandfather Charles Nelson! You must read this fascinating family story of how it all began in 1835 and how Andy and Charles have continued this historical family business since 2006.

WhiskeyPicMonkey Collage

Peach and Bourbon Pairing

 What pairs more perfectly than summer-ripened Georgia peaches and a smooth yet bold bourbon with hints of vanilla and caramel and finished with flavors of stone fruits such as cherry, plum and apricot? Peach and Lemon Whole Fruit Sorbet highlight the spices and citrus to create a stellar summer cocktail that you and your friends will want for any and all summer gatherings!


Find out where to get Georgia’s Peach Truck Peaches and Tennessee’s finest Belle Meade Bourbon ! You can purchase this artisan bourbon in Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington DC.! LUCKY  YOU!

I hear you CHEERING!!!!

Peach Bourbon Slushy with Belle Meade Whiskey and The Peach Truck Peaches
Recipe type: cocktail
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 8
  • 2 cups frozen peeled Peach Truck Peach slices, slightly thawed
  • 1cup Belle Meade Bourbon Sour Mash Whiskey Straight Bourbon
  • 1 cup peach nectar
  • 1 cup WHOLE FRUIT Brand Peach sorbet, slightly softened
  • ½ cup WHOLE FRUIT Lemon sorbet, slightly softened
  • fresh mint springs
  • sugar for rimming glasses
  1. Pulse first 5 ingredients in blender 4 to 5 times or until combined.
  2. Pour sugar on a plate
  3. Rim glasses with sugar by moistening the edges of the glass first and then turning the glass upside down into the sugar
  4. Pour cocktail in glass, garnish with mint and enjoy!



07 2014