Cheers, Tennessee! Wine in Grocery Stores is Finally Here and Kroger’s Has Great Selections for You!

Have some wine with that cheese at Krogers!


We have a lot to celebrate! Yep, our state was a bit behind but finally the citizens of Tennessee get more freedom of choice! We can now choose to buy our wine in the grocery stores. On July 1st, I was honored to be a part of history at the Green Hills Kroger’s location.  Laws were passed by the will of the citizens of Tennessee and we now get to choose where to buy our wine!


Senator Bill Ketron and Speaker Beth Harwell  along with Kroger officials were on hand for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Kroger’s in Green Hills. Both the Senator and Speaker were proponents of this new law and I was happy to meet them both and thanked them for a job well done.


Speaker Beth Harwell, Lisa Mays, Senator Bill Ketron, Community Relations Manager Melissa Eads


Jason Becker, the wine maker for Mark West Wines and Constellation Brands were on hand for the celebration.


Customers were busy making their selections throughout the aisles. My friends Joe Pagetta and Erin Holcomb just stopped by to experience the convenience!


Christopher, the new manager of the wine department was busy making sure the shelves were well stocked with your favorite wines. I have known him now for several years while he was working with the Murray Cheese department and I know first hand that he is courteous, smart and will offer the best customer service for all of his customers.


The celebration included a cake, selections of cheese and jazz by The Council! Upbeat and delightful jazz filled the air with tunes by “The SaxDoctr” Chris Jordan, Ronnie Yates Sr. and the band.

Wine and Jazz! My two most favorite things!


Cheers to you, guitar man!


2 thoughts on “Cheers, Tennessee! Wine in Grocery Stores is Finally Here and Kroger’s Has Great Selections for You!

  • How great for Tennessee! I have lived in states with every variety of liquor law there is, but the ones where you couldn’t even get wine or beer at the grocery story were an extra level of trouble. Congrats!

  • The best part is they voted to let the citizens vote on wine in grocery stores! Glad the citizens of TN were granted that privilege!

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