Chef Tim Love Demonstrates the Art of Burning Food at the 2014 Music City Food + Wine Festival in Nashville

Grab your cast iron skillet and rediscover the art of burning food without the grill. 


Big flavors come from burning or caramelizing the sugars in vegetables and meat until they are richly browned with a nutty flavor and golden color, which is a great way to pull flavor out of the simplest of foods. Chef Tim Love  demonstrates how to get the most flavors from vegetables and meats from this method of cooking.

He has been perfecting the art of his signature urban western cuisine  as chef and owner of beloved Texas restaurants, Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, Woodshed Smokehouse, Queenie’s Steakhouse and Love Shack, as well as the storied White Elephant Saloon, his inspired and innovative dishes have earned critical and popular acclaim.


From “burnt” zucchini and carrots to steak and beets, caramelization deepens the flavors of just about everything. Tim poached the shrimp in burnt wood chips placed in boiling water to enhance the flavors before adding them to the skillet.

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Nathan Followill, drummer for the Kings of Leon and one of the original collaborators of the Music City Food + Wine Festival, joins Tim during the demonstration to finish up the beat and goat cheese salad along with laughter and shots of tequila.



Chef Tim shares his passion for Tennessee’s football. Check out the boots!

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You are also likely to find Chef Tim Love at the fabulous Austin Food + Wine Festival playing with fire! Be sure to check the schedule for next year!



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