Follow Your Passion for Food and Wine to the 2013 Atlanta Food and Wine Festival May 30th – June 2nd!

signphoto-1Calling all foodies and lovers of wine! Atlanta Food and Wine Festival 2013 is THIS weekend!

From rows of Tasting Tents to hand-crafted bourbons,Atlanta Food and Wine Festival celebrates the Artisans of Southern Cuisine and Spirits!

Kick off the summer the right way and head to Atlanta to one of the most stunning food and wine events in the country!

Last year I had the privilege of attending this annual event and I was in foodie and wine bliss! This is the 3rd year of this annual event and if it is anything like last year, it will be another huge success. World-renowned chefs from Texas,Louisiana,Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia share the best of Southern cuisine like no were else in the world. From hand-crafted beer-making to bourbon and wines presented by some of the best sommeliers around, there is something for everyone at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival.
The festival is host to some of Tennessee’s most gifted chefs ready share their culinary passion and skills through classes,seminars and dinners.

Nashville,Tennessee’s talented chefs bring their magic to the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival this year. Chef Tyler Brown of Capital Grille,voted one of America’s best restaurants, will feature his passion for local foods in his seminar on CSA Box CPR. He will share his skills of how to make the most of your local summer produce. Local Artisan butcher’s Chris Carter and James Peisker of Porter Road Butcher consider themselves part of the renaissance of southern meat artisan cuts and flavors. These local butchers will demonstrate their techniques on how to get the most of your local cuts. I am thrilled to live in Nashville where I can enjoy our quickly growing local culinary talent!

photo credit to AFWF/Raftermen

You can follow the path of Southern Cuisine in the Festival Tasting Tents featuring gourmet foods of the south,bourbon and wine tastings,snacks and BBQ. Purchase passes for one day or three days and experience what you want. A CONNOISSEUR’S Pass gets you into an amazing three-day immersion of food and wine like no other.

Staying at Loews Atlanta is very convenient to all of the events!

We stayed at the luxurious Loews Atlanta Hotel and most of the festivities were within walking distance. Cabs are readily available for a quick ride to the special dinners you book.

Midtown Atlanta is the heart of the city. Vibrant with energy and beauty ,this hip urban area is the center of culture,shopping,art and dining.

Wine events included seminars on local wine featuring wines from Virginia to Texas to seminars and tastings on some of the finest wines around the world. Check the Connoisseur Experience to find out about all the not-to-miss wine events!

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AFWF 2012 Tasting Tents

photo credit to AFWF/Raftermen


The Southern Food Scene has been elevated to cult status. From Lucy’s Fried Chicken all the way from Austin,Texas(which is one of MY personal favorites!) to gourmet cuisine made with the freshest local ingredients the south has to offer.

Whether by car,plane or Megabus, follow your INNER FOODIE to one of the South’s most dynamic culinary events beginning Thursday, May 30th through Sunday,June 2nd.

All detailed information about the event and where to stay can be found at


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