Hey Nashville, What Are You Drinking? Lisa’s Weekly Wine: Retromarcia Chianti Classico 2011 by Monte Bernardi

Enjoy Retromarcia Chianti Classico for a taste of old world world charm in each glass!



I immediately fell in love with this wine!

Retromarcia 2011 Chianti Classico of the Monte Benardi Estate in Panzano located in the historic Chianti region of Italy, is an elegant Chianti with echoes of rustic charm in every glass. Retromarcia means “to back up” or “step back” to the past. From the first sip to the last drop in the glass, you get the best of yesterday: today. Aromas and flavors of ripe cherries and blackberries accompanied by their natural fresh fruit acidity, a hint of fennel fronds and candied orange peels with a long-lasting finish of this terroir-driven wine is just about as good as it gets.

Tender, fennel-scented veal, pork and ricotta meatballs along with the rich tomato sauce paired well with this Chianti Classico. Matching the key ingredients of the recipe with the unique flavors and aromas of the wine are pieces of the flavor puzzle that comes together and creates the perfect comfort meal! Click HERE for the recipe!

$20 or under— Retromarcia Chianti Classico 2011 is available at Grand Cru Wine and Spirits and Woodland Wine Merchant in the Nashville area.


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