Mountain Jim’s Tennessee Tea Cakes: A Nashville-based Vintage Confection Reflecting Our Rich Tennessee History & Local Dessert Wine Pairings

“Crispy but not a cookie, gooey but not a brownie”one bite of this  Tennessee-made gourmet treat takes you back to simpler times of childhood memories when warm & buttery aromas drifted from grandma’s kitchen.


Mountain Jim’s Tennessee Tea Cakes are crispy and gooey dense bites of delightful sweetness and buttery goodness that reflects a Southern Tradition reminiscence of our unique Tennessee Heritage. Tennessee Tea Cakes are not cookies, brownies or cupcakes but a delightful unique treat steeped in Tennessee history.

History of the Tennessee Teacake

Legend says that during the Civil War, a Tennessee Southern Belle beauty,who was known for her baking expertise, made them for a visiting Captain Confederate Officer’s birthday. Due to food shortages and rationing, she did not have enough ingredients to make a large cake but was able to make the small tea cakes. After the war, he was so smitten with her baking and beauty, after his return they married.

Tennessee Teacakes come in 4 different flavors

Original (Vanilla) ~  Key Lime  ~ Lemon ~ Chocolate Truffle




About Jeff

Jeff Stewart, creator/baker of Mountain Jim’s Tennessee Teacakes is a man on mission.We have met on several occasions and I can tell you that he is extremely passionate about his 3 sons, life, Mtn Jim’s Tennessee Teacakes,the beautiful state of Tennessee and sharing a “tidbit” of Tennessee history with every box of this Southern Original Tennessee treat.

Jeff is a true local culinary artisan. He bakes from scratch each and every all-natural & preservative-free Tennessee teacake that is ordered order which ensures that you are getting the freshest and highest quality locally made Tennessee product you can get- The Old Fashioned Way!


Tennessee Tidbits

Tennessee is such a great state that is full of history, music, beautiful places and historic sites and notable Tennesseans, he includes a Tennessee Tidbit  in each packaging to spread the word about interesting facts about Tennessee and how the past influenced today. He ships all around the country and with each bite his customers get a Tennessee handcrafted artisan treat that lets everyone know a bit more about our great state of Tennessee.



Wine Pairings

Mountain Jim’s Tennessee Teacakes are not just for coffee or tea!

Andrea Faccio Villa Giada Moscato d’Asti DOCG Piemonte Italy 


Arrington Vineyard Encore Dessert Wine

I believe in supporting locally-based Tennessee products so in keeping with this theme, Encore Dessert Wine is estate grown and bottled at Arrington Vineyards right outside of Nashville and Villa Giada Moscato d’Asti, although this wine is from Italy, it is brought to Nashville and distributed by a family-owned Nashville based boutique wine company, 100 % Italiano.  

Tennessee Tea Cakes are buttery and crispy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside with the flavors of rich brown sugar and vanilla. The Lemon and Key Lime Teacakes have a subtle burst of citrus to give added dimension of flavor as with the dollop of chocolate that adds extra richness to the Chocolate Truffle flavor.

Pairing just the perfect wine with this scrumptious teacakes was a fun project! Matching up a sweet dessert with wine can be tricky but I do believe these pairings are winners!

When pairing sweet wines with sweet foods, you want to match the sweetness levels and flavors of both so one does not overpower the other.


The delicate sweetness and floral aromas of Villa Giada Moscato D’Asti, an Italian sparkling wine of Piedmont, was a great pairing with the citrusy Lemon and Key Lime teacakes. Moscato D’Asti is lightly effervescent and crisp and full of peach and apricot flavors and aromas which pair well with citrus. The floral honeysuckle sweetness further enhances the flavors in the teacake pairing.

Arrington Vineyards, produces a deeply colored Port-like fortified dessert wine Encore with rich aromatic flavors from the estate grown Chambourcin grape.  This style of wines are often paired with chocolate desserts as the flavors integrate well. The Chocolate Truffle Tennessee Teacake and Encore were a perfect match!


IMG_4496 copy


IMG_4489 copy

How do you get to try these made-to-order Tennessee original tasty treats for yourself or for gifts? Go to Mountain Jim’s Tennessee Teacakes OR call 615-485-9335  and Jeff will make sure you get some!



CHEERS Ya’ll !








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