Music City Eats 2013! Nashville’s Inaugural Food,Wine & Spirits Festival: FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD!

Nashville’s food scene is a recipe for success!

Nashville is quickly developing its own unique Southern cuisine identity that has enticed many to celebrate our talented local chefs & their culinary creations at this glorious food & wine event at the Music City Eats Food,Wine & Spirits Festival 2013!


This two-day festival hosted a bounty of our local culinary treasures and the chefs who created them. I managed to sample just about every morsel that I could! Here is a highlight of some of my most unforgettable bites!


Our local celebrity chef Nick Pellegrino of Mangia Nashville and my favorite TV celebrity chefs Giada De Laurentiis and Michael Symon rocked the Dark Horse Wine Panel Tent as they discussed how past food trends are making their way back around with a panel discussion of  “What Goes Around Comes Around.


As you can see, this was a spirited discussion of past food trends (for example local artisan butchers) making their way back and why sprinkled with questions of how they are they manage their busy lives balanced with family life. All three agree that having great support from their spouses and families are really the key to success!

Nick Pellegrino is the creator and “Italian Rock Star Chef “of pop-up restaurant Mangia Nashville. Every Friday and Saturday night the Cool Cafe (The Best Meat & Three in TN!)  is transformed  by Nick and his talented staff  into an Italian dining experience filled with singing, dancing the Mambo and many courses of authentic family style dishes which a unique and not soon forgotten. Remember the movie, The Big Night? Check out my previous post  to see how fun and delicious it is!  Check Facebook to see how to make reservations  or email at:  [email protected] and be sure to wear your mambo shoes!




Aron Sanchez, another one of my favorite celebrity chefs, “Turned Up The Heat with BBQ Mexican Style” at the Dogwood Demo Tent on Saturday. Check out the website for the complete  schedules of demos by celebrity chefs held Saturday and Sunday at Music City Eats Food, Wine & Spirits Festival 2013! Be sure to sign up for notifications to receive information for 2014’s event!


I happily navigated my way through the crowds of hungry festival-goers like a treasure hunter with a map. I couldn’t wait to sample some of the best creations our chefs have to offer and….all it one spot!

This post is by no means the complete menu of this two-day event but highlights some of my favorite and most unforgettable bites!

Photos on this post are from the two days of Flavors of Nashville 2013 and  the Saturday night event, Harvest Night 2013.

*** Each tasting was bursting with flavor and creativity that showcased each chef’s culinary imagination of Southern food elevated that came to life on a plate!***


Executive Chef Joseph Lenn at The Blackberry Farm and winner of the prestigious James Beard Award for Best Chef Southeast. Smoked and then seared quail quarters where brushed with their local house-made Blackberry Jam  and finished with a touch of black pepper.





 Chef Barclay Stratton of Merchant’s Restaurant: Grilled Hoe Cakes chocked full of Country Ham and topped with Pimento Cheese and Pickled Green Tomatoes! Nothing better than comfort food elevated to gourmet! Merchant’s Restaurant info




Pat Martin’s of Martin’s BBQ Joint in Nolensville  in the Nashville area:  Melt in your mouth brisket with lots of good smoke  flavor of which I LOVE! and slathered with perfectly tangy and sweet BBQ and just the right amount of bark…..THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!


Leo is slicing up my second helping, extra bark please! I just needed another fix of my favorite Tennessee BBQ!



IMG_3575 copy

Nashville is known for Hot Chicken and  Chef John Lasater of Hattie B’s Restaurant knows hows how to do it right! This was perfect combination of crispy fried chicken tenders heat,spices,tangy and a hit of sweetness ALL in one bite!



Nick Pellegrino of Mangia Nashville and my friend, fellow Nashville Food Blogger, Charles Hunter III  of The Local Forkful blog and sous chef at Mangia Nashville are serving up one of their many favorite appetizers: Lemon Risotto Cakes with Mangia Nashville’s Basil aioli.  This is just ONE of many delicious courses you will enjoy when you attend one of Nashville’s best restaurant experiences!


 Here is Mangia Nashville’s Fall Menu. Make reservations at:  [email protected]





Talented local Chef Sarah Gavigan brings the ultimate Japanese comfort food OTAKU to the South. This delicious bite-sized savory stuffed pancake topped with a pickled green tomato -the ultimate Southern Soul Food with Japanese roots. Check the website where you can enjoy this new Southern sensation in Nashville!




Chef Eric and Chef Josh at the Catbird seat are true culinary geniuses. If you have not experienced The Catbird Seat, you are missing out! I can’t imagine anything more creative egg custard infused with maple syrup and crispy bacon and served in a real eggshell.





Nashville’s own very talented chef,  Arnold Myint, featured his original version on a traditional Bahn Mi with duck liver. They were fantastic!



The chic and not-to-be missed evening event Harvest Night was held on Saturday evening after the daytime events. White tents and comfortable sofas with red tables was a perfect setting for the evenings tastings by the well-known celebrity chefs. There were many, I will share with you some of my absolute favorites!




Chef Michael Symon’s so succulent lamb ribs seasoned to perfection with lemon,oregano,olive oil and mint ROCKED MY EVENING! You should be JEALOUS if you didn’t taste these ribs. The lines were long at this tent but no one cared. No one was gonna miss out !



I wish you could smell the smoke from the rack of lamb on the grill! Intoxicating!



Photo of Nancy from Macy’s Food Truck Tour In Santa Monica article


My friend and fellow food blogger were the first to taste celebrity Chef Nancy Silverton’s Tempura Fried Squash Blossoms stuffed with warm and creamy ricotta. Ohhh they were delicious!!!!!!!! What a real treat since we don’t get a chance to eat them much in Nashville!



One of our newest and creative restaurants in the gorgeous Germantown area of Nashville Rolf and Daughters with Chef Philip Krajeck presented tasting with big flavor. A combination of honey-glazed eggplant with pickled eggplant was so delectable, I wanted more!



Chef Tandy Wilson of The City House continues to serve up some of the best food in Nashville and the house-made Spicy Jalapeño Chicken Sauce was so fantastic, we went to eat at the restaurant on Sunday night so I could eat it again!




Nashville is burgeoning with upscale Southern restaurants each unique with their talented chefs and Chef Matt Farley shows us what wonderful cuisine to expect when you visit The Southern Restaurant. Crispy Corn Cakes with Jalapeño Bacon,Pimento Cheese,Quail Egg finished with Collard Green Pesto!




 Chef Tim Love is my very favorite Texas Chef. I  have met him several times throughout the years of living in Austin and attending numerous Austin Food and Wine Festivals. Chef Tim makes the kind of food I love-perfectly grilled and seasoned Lamb Chops with Aioli–OOOOOH YEAHHHH! Good to be a meat eater!



I was autographed by Chef Tim Love at both the Austin Food & Wine Festival 2013 and Music City Eats Food,Wine & Spirits Festival 2013! Gotta love my Texas Chef!





Chef Jonathan Waxman~one of the geniuses behind this event, featured one of the most comforting Southern food fusions I have ever had, Gnocchi sautéed in butter with fresh from the garden vegetables including corn off the cob and okra. It reminded me of my childhood in Louisiana with my Southern Italian and La Delta influences.


Although I sampled every bit of food at the Harvest Event and Flavors of Nashville , I simply could not post about everything! This was a sampling of some of the best food ever  and I know next year, will shine even brighter and I will be there!

I saved the desserts for the last but not necessarily eaten in that order! Don’t judge!


 Jenni’s Splendid Ice Cream scooped up a sensational and unique ice cream creation that I am still dreaming about! A Derby Pie-inspired ice cream creation consisting of salted caramel ice cream, chocolate and Artisan Tennessee Small Batch Triple Smoked Corsair whiskey-infused Chocolate sauce and if you thought it couldn’t get in better than that, it was topped off with candied pecans and freshly whipped cream.


I had to have one more bite of dessert and this one was Trisha Yearwood’s mom’s German Chocolate Cupcakes!

Ok. I am full and content! See ya’ll next year!


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