‘My Paella Travels’ to the Nashville Wine and Food Festival 2015 at Riverfront Park for the Art of Cooking Paella Demo Tent at 1:30p Saturday, May 16th

Paella, the most popular and well known dish of Spain, is a vibrant rice dish often cooked outdoors over an open flame. “Wine with Lisa” will demonstrate The Art of cooking Paella again at the Second Annual Nashville Wine and Food Festival  by Midtown Wine and Spirits! Purchase Tickets here!

Spanish Wines are the perfect accompaniment to Paella, be sure to grab a glass (or two) to pair with of my Southern-Inspired Paella at the Spanish wine tent located conveniently close to The Art of Paella Tent!


A Paella Party is a great reason to celebrate with family and friends which is centered around a large paella brimming with vibrantly tinted Bomba rice and locally sourced vegetables with succulent meats, seafoods and mouthwatering aromas of spices. For over 20 years, I have been cooking paella for friends and family. Step by step, I will construct this authentic Spanish dish for you, demonstrating the skills and techniques for an real Spanish culinary experience  inspired by the South and it’s local ingredients.

“My Paella Travels” is my paella business that was created by me, Lisa Mays, to bring my paella to you! Watch “My Paella Travels to Austin, Texas video to see my paella dinner!






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