My Weekly Wine Gem: A Delightful White Blend from Chile ~ JUNTA ~ Viognier & Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2011

Urban Dictionary: gem A gem is something that is absolutely great!

The Cooling Humboldt Current flows up from the Antarctica along the warm Chilean Coast. Warmth,rich soils and a plentiful water supply in one of the southern grape growing regions of the Central Valley known as Curico’ creates a perfect growing environment for blending grapes such as Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc. The result is luscious and fruity grapes with refreshing acidity.

Looking for a refreshing white wine to usher in the warm summer nights? Well, I have found one for you!
Chilean Wines have been increasingly popular and quality wines are now widely available to us. The rich soils and warm Mediterranean climate of Chile produces ample supplies of full bodied, terroir-driven and balanced fresh fruit-style wines.

Drinks like a pricey wine but feel free to be casual!

JUNTA RESERVE VIOGNIER and Sauvignon Blanc 2011 

Last night I kicked off my sandals,settled into a lawn chair in the backyard and sipped on this luscious blend of Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc. What a perfect Springtime wine!

Two of my favorite white grape varietals ~The floral Viognier and the highly acidic Sauvignon Blanc are harmoniously blended to create a wine with the a lot of PERSONALITY!

JUNTA Reserve White Wine drinks like an expensive and elegant wine but is casually priced under $15 ($12.99). Viognier 60% Sauvignon Blanc 40%

Nose: geraniums,violets,lemon and grapefruit zest

Palate: lemon,grapefruit,passion fruit,guava and pineapple

This medium-bodied,dry and floral white wine will make you happy!

PAIRINGS: Your favorite cool crisp green salad topped with grilled chicken or shrimp will pair perfectly with JUNTA. Lime and Herb Marinated Fish cooked on the grill OR any of your favorite summertime Pasta Dishes BEGS for this Pairing!



JUNTA is brought to the Nashville Area by Delirium Wine and Spirits.

Junta is available at Iroquois Wine and Spirits in Nashville as well as many wine shops in the area. Just ask!





3 thoughts on “My Weekly Wine Gem: A Delightful White Blend from Chile ~ JUNTA ~ Viognier & Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2011

  • Please, can you bring me a couple of bottles of this “Junta” to work? I will pay a delivery fee! It sounds wonderful!

  • Yes I will! I will have to bring it on Friday,since I just got the message. And, YES! it is a great new wine in the Nashville market and you will certainly enjoy it!

  • This wine sounds right up my alley! I love Viogniers but I could see how the crispness of the sauvignon blanc would be a perfect match. Good to meet you the other night!

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