Sip on Semi-Dry Wild Washington Apple Cider by Tieton Cider Works Paired with Your Favorite Burger!

Burgers are sizzling on the grill…why not pair it with a cool & crisp Pacific Northwest Cider from Tieton Cider Works!


Plenty more weekend outdoor grilling opportunities are still ahead and will continue even through the Labor Day Holiday.
My family is obsessed with charcoal grilled burgers of any kind. And, it’s NEVER the wrong season to grill burgers at my house, especially when the levels of humidity and heat drop to a reasonable level so we can enjoy our new patio.

Teiton Cider Works Wild Washington Semi-Dry Cider is such a perfect match for my favorite burgers! This delightfully aromatic semi-dry cider has balanced sweetness with all of the tartness from the first crunchy bite of a fresh juicy red apple. I detected a tiny hint of spices that would remind me of a fresh-baked apple pie and the tangy tartness reminded me of citrusy lemon zest and made my mouth water!
Wild Washington Cider would pair equally as well with your favorite marinated and grilled steaks or a bowl full of rigatoni and sausage with thick red sauce for a great alternative to a wine pairing!

Tieton Cider Works Ciders are made with freshly pressed juice from their own varieties of apples at Harmony Orchards in the Yakima Valley of Washington State in the Pacific Northwest. Their blend of American, English and French varieties of apples produces the blend necessary for the complex flavors in the ciders.

Next time you toast, Toast with Cider from the Pacific Northwest!


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