Smokey Pineapple Tequila and Mezcal Cocktail Inspired by the Spirited Happy Hour at Bastion in Celebration of Music City Food + Wine Festival!

Your missing out if you haven’t yet had a tequila and mezcal cocktail!


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Get your tickets today so you can experience the fabulous 4th Annual Music City Food + Wine Festival held in Nashville. 

Every year before the Music City Food + Wine Festival, there’s always a celebration that takes place at one of our fabulous local restaurants that showcases our immensely talented chefs. This year we all gathered at Bastion, Chef Josh Habiger’s newest culinary and cocktail experience for all of us to enjoy. Josh is also one of the talented chefs who will be at the Music City Food + Wine Festival in September. Bastion is located in the Houston Station area of Nashville with a casual yet chic vibe in ” a warehouse-style digs with trendy, restored decor.”

If you’ve never had tequila in any other cocktail other than a margarita, you are missing out. And, when it’s combined with mezcal and pineapple juice, it creates a cocktail on a whole new level of refreshment and enjoyment.

Here’s my inspired version of my new favorite cocktail!

This is a cocktail that is a blend of all the flavors we love which are sweet, salty, savory, spicy with a touch of smoke. It simply has it all.

Immediately, I fell in love with the layers of flavors. Smoke from the mezcal, slightly sweet tropical flavors of pineapple juice, fresh ginger, tart lime, shaken and poured into a glass that’s coated with spicy BBQ seasoned salt. I added a touch of demerara sugar, cardamom and smoked paprika to balance out the flavors.

This cocktail is called Toy Soldier at Bastion. We just call it that “awesome smokey tequila cocktail” that changed my concept of a cocktail for ever.




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