Summertime Festivities are a Perfect Match with Beso Del Sol Sangria!

Beso Del Sol means Kissed by the Sun!

The first premium, 100% natural Sangria with a bag-in-box technology on the market!


Spring is about to make way for summer and it couldn’t come soon enough! We have already fired up our grill for burgers and steaks and I have already been cooking paella for outdoor parties!


Chill it and Enjoy!

Sangria! The perfect pairing for summer! Beso Del Sol Sangria was enjoyed by all! It is so fruity, refreshing and full of flavor all you want to add is lemon, lime and orange slices to complement the already blended natural fresh fruit juices. Tempranillo, a medium-bodied Spanish wine, is the perfect foundation for this beautiful blend. Tempranillo has cherry and strawberry aromas and flavors while the tannins are felt on both sides of your mouth. The balance of tannins with natural sweet fruit juices creates a nice balance of juicy refreshment.


The convenient and eco-friendly 100% recycled cardboard packaging is extremely portable to all of your summertime events! And, since it is a 3-liter box which is equivalent to 4 bottles, IF you have any leftovers the technology used ensures that each sip is fresh – from the first to the last. The wine stays fresh for up to six weeks after opening.



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