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Finally Friday Wine Pick! Rosso dei Monti, Italian Wine from Umbria that is an Unforgettable Blend of Italian Grapes with Intense Flavors and Spice!


It’s finally Friday!

Grab a rustic pizza from your favorite Pizzeria and a bottle of Rosso dei Monti and let the weekend begin!


Rosso dei Monti 2010 by the Napolini family of Umbria

Around $13

Immerse yourself into a glass of a harmoniously fragrant and juicy blend of Sangiovese, Sagrantino, Ciliegiolo, Merlot and Montepulciano di Abruzzo grapes that emerged from the vines planted in clay soils on the sunny hills in the Montfalco area of Umbria that has produced high quality grapes for centuries. Once picked and pressed, this beautiful blend is fermented and aged in stainless steel and concrete tanks and French and Slavonian oak casks and allowed to rest so that you can enjoy this wine at its absolute fullest potential.

From centuries of producing the highest quality grapes and then hand-harvesting at its perfect ripeness, a beautiful ruby red wine emerges with aromas and flavors of cherry and warm spices on the palate and nose finishing with a pleasant earthy pepperiness.

Italian Wines are meant to be enjoyed with food!

Just in time for the pleasant weather of spring, you will enjoy every drop of this wine with a rustic pizza with fresh tomatoes and basil or a selection your favorite Italian hard cheeses such as Parmigano-Reggiano, Asiago and Pecorino Toscano. Make a big bowl of Spicy Sausage and Rigatoni, pour a glass for you friends and they will love you even more!

In the mood for grilling? Pair this wine with a highly seasoned grilled steak or lamb chops as well as richly flavored Tennessee BBQ!  A match made in heaven!

Drink up and get ready for next Friday!




03 2015

Chef Tony Galzin and Lisa Mays Fire Up the Grills for an Italian Grilled Dinner at Pop Nashville Dinner-My New Obsession, Playing with Fire!

An evening of Italian regional specialties all cooked over an open flame!


Chef Tony Galzin (Sycamore Nashville, Deli House) and I teamed up to fire up the grill at POP Nashville to recreate some our favorite regional Italian dishes for an unforgettable culinary event! I guess it was meant to be. During a conversation with Caroline Galzin, Tony’s wife and manager of POP, wanted to know more about what I was doing with the new Arrosticini grill and thought that teaming up for a dinner was something Chef Tony has been wanting to do for a while. Tony and I are both of Sicilian heritage and we knew we were on to something special! We all got together one Sunday evening and tested out our recipes at my home in my pizza oven (hearth) and my new Abruzzo-style arrosticini grill. The menu was a collaboration of both of our recipes that we love and honor our Sicilian Italian heritage. We just knew it would be a winning combination!

TonyLisa_8141     Both_2399

This Italian Girl Plays with Fire! 

It must be fate! Several months ago, I became intrigued with Abruzzo-style grilling after catching a glimpse of an article on Facebook! I have two grills now, both are imported, professional grills ready to use for my second business, This Italian Girl Grills! (More information about this to follow).

This is my first Arrosticini grill for Abruzzo-style grilling and this is what started it all!  The long and narrow grill is designed to cook skewered meats such as lamb and also cooks the Olive Oil Marinated Shrimp Spiedini to perfection. We put all the grills to work that  night!


We had two seatings 6p & 8:30p and both were sold out! Lots of laughter and talk made its way back to where we were grilling. The wait staff assured us that there were many audible expressions of delight from our guests as they made their way through each course.



Caroline, Tony and I tasted wines with our friends and local distributors of 100 Percent Italiano wines and we selected several of our regional Italian favorites for suggested pairings with each course. Our selections were a big hit with everyone!

2013 Claris Pinot Grigio has the characteristics of a flavorful and complex This Pinot Grigio is similar in the characteristics and flavor profile from the Alto Adige region of Italy while maintaining an affordable price. Wondering about the name? Yes, the winemaker is a huge fan of the movie, Silence of the Lambs!

Suri Rosso Barbera D’Asti   This dry red wine is low in tannin and high in acidity. Barbera is the 3rd most planted grape in Italy. It is a full body wine, fruity, fresh, and rich, with a bright ruby red color, intense scents of cherry and red fruits and a spicy finish.

The regional wine of Abruzzo, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo complements the earthy, rich lamb is the that is served with the lamb in Italy.

Arboreto Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is a great Italian Trattoria wine. This is a medium light to medium bodied inky purple wine, that is generousl with blackberries and a touch of earthiness. The surprising structure matches well with pasta and grilled meats especially lamb. It is deeply colored, naturally sweet tannins, low acidity,fruity softness is drinkable immediately and ages well.

Wine8042      Kitchen

It’s about time for the first seating. The plates are lined up for quick assembly of the fruits of our labor!    First Course: Burrata, house-made coppa and Peperonata-grilled and marinated peppers.Burrata_8135Chef Matt Clement who has recently joined the POP Nashville team was in charge of making and baking the the house made sourdough foccaccia and rustic italian bread.ChefMatt_8134     Foccacia_2418   Calvorfiore Piccante, is pickled purple and white cauliflower with my homemade chile bread crumbs. We love this recipe at my house and thought it would be great for the dinner!  The colors are vivid and is a refreshing balance with the grilled meat and seafood.Cauliflower_2384 BowlCauliflower_2385Caponata is my traditional family recipe for this Sicilian dish. Since this was a grilled dinner,I decide to grill the eggplant and add grilled zucchini and yellow squash in addition to capers and olives as well as other special ingredients.  This brings out the intense flavors of the vegetables and creates a new dimension of this traditional dish.CaponataIMG_2374

Second Course: Spiedini di Gamberi, perfectly grilled olive oil marinated fresh Gulf shrimp with caramelized lemon. Shell-on shrimp and lots of olive oil ensures that the shrimp remain succulent and juicy.



Shellfish is perfect for the grill and the juicy grilled mussels with smoked sea salt and lemon/olive oil dressing was another great course!


Hearth(oven) roasted whole red fish with an Italian Celery Fennel Caper relish.


The Third Course: Abruzzo-style lamb skewers or Spiedini di Carne which is traditional Arrosticini, is olive and garlic marinated lamb with Herb Hazelnut Pesto


Here it is! Apparently the pesto was also a hit! Although traditional arrosticini is not usually served with a pesto, I thought this would complement the rich, earthy flavors of the grilled lamb—and it did!


Arrosticini on the grill. This is the how it’s done in Abruzzo, Italy.


I love the idea of grilling meatballs! They were mouthwatering, moist, perfectly seasoned and finished with Tony’s spicy tomato sauce.


My father and brother are hunters and I grew up eating quail for Sunday dinners and special occasions. This is definitely a family approved course of smokey grilled quail with lemon, rosemary and herbs !

QuailPicMonkey Collage

When Tony and Caroline came over for dinner to test out our recipes, I grilled peaches and served them with cherry coulis and mascarpone and whipped cream. For the POP dinner, Tony added his amazing olive oil cake which competed this amazing dessert!

Grilled peaches with house-made olive oil cake, cherry coulis and mascarpone whip


Teaming up with Chef Tony for our grilled was an honor and so happy to have had the opportunity to cook at POP Nashville. This  has been one of the highlights of this year.

I was simply and completely in my element.


My new obsession, playing with fire!

Ciao, baby!


08 2014

Lisa’s Weekly Wine Pick: Dominio De Tharsys Cava Brut Natural Sparkling Wine from Spain

Hey Nashville, What are YOU drinking?

 Add sparkle to your summer with Dominio De Tharsys Cava from Spain!


Dominio De Tharsys pairs perfectly with the summer! 

Good news! Cava (Spanish Sparkling Wines) can rival sparkling wines from France in complex flavors and aromas yet be enjoyed at a much lower price!

Can you imagine a summer without sparkling wine? I can’t! Once the cork is popped on this delightful Cava, the golden bubbles climb up the flute to escape and release complex aromas of floral white flowers, tangerine, lemons and shortbread. Once you have  taken a sip, the dry, clean and crisp acidity wakes up your mouth and palate. The luscious creamy finish is due to the classic method champenoise or “fermentation in the bottle.” Grapes native to Spain are used in the production of Cava as well a chardonnay for additional flavor and structure.

About Dominio Pago de Tharsys Cava from Pago De Tharsys in Spain:

*Apellation: D.O. Cava Utiel-Requena Region, Spain

*Spanish Sparkling white wine

*Brut Naturale: or bone dry wine i.e. very little to no residual sugar

*Best Cava of Spain in 2005” (Enoforum)

*Grape variety: 80% Macabeo and 20% Chardonnay

*Serve chilled at 45-48 degrees in a flute glass

*Pairings: Dominio De Tharsys is a great way to begin any and all gatherings and celebrations and pair well with fresh salads, pasta dishes with seafood, Japanese food such as sushi, salmon, ham, fried chicken and all types of tapas!

*Price: around $12.99

*Availability in Nashville: Currently Grand Cru Wines and Spirits and will soon add more locations!

Distributed by my hard-working friends at 100 Percent Italiano 100 Percent Fine Wines! in Nashville, TN