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La Brea Bakery’s Reserve Struan Loaf is the Perfect Pairing with French Rosè Wine and Murray’s Cheddar Cheese (Part 1)

 In Fine Rosè wine from the Rhone Valley paired with a grilled cheese sandwich made with the Struan Bread filled with melted cheddar cheese, Black Forest ham and strawberry jam…..

(LaBrea Bakery sent 3 bread samples for me to review and pair with wines)


Recently, La Brea Bakery sent three of their reserve artisan breads for me to try out the wine and food pairing suggestions.

 How could I resist?

The single origin heirloom wheat is grown and harvested under Big Sky Country, Montana.  La Brea Bakery Reserve breads have their own personality, flavor profile and texture that creates irresistible pairings.


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La Brea Bread: Struan

The complex and diverse grain mix provides incredible texture and flavors of La Brea Bakery’s Struan Reserve Loaf are complemented perfectly with ancient grain notes and subtle acid from the whole milled wheat starter.

Ohhhhh yeah. This mouth-watering  buttery, crispy grilled sandwich is layered with Murray’s Pineland Farms Medium Cheddar, Boar’s Head Black Forest Ham and slathered with Bonne Maman strawberry preserves.

 A Perfect Pairing

I love this pairing! The balance of acidity and flavor profiles from the wine and bread are highlighted by the tanginess from strawberry preserves. The salty, slightly sweet and smoky ham along with the bright flavors of the medium cheddar cheese are the perfect flavor balance of a sweet and salty combination that is a favorite flavor combination.

Now, this is a perfect pairing with In Fine Rosè from the Rhone in France

This bright pink rosè is a well balanced blend of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault from the Cote du Ventoux region of the Rhone Valley in France. Big Aromas of strawberries, blackberries and raspberries emerge from the wine and is confirmed on the palate with refreshing and lively finish.




08 2016

Calling all Rosè Wine Lovers! 2014 Galil Mountain Rosè from Israel’s Upper Galilee is Just In Time for Summer Sipping

 Galil Rosè is a trendy summertime wine made with the best of  traditional wine making in harmony with sustainable and green living from the Galil Mountain Winery in Israel.

Region: Upper Galilee

Grapes: 74% Sangiovese, 23% Pinot Noir, 3% Grenache


Galil Mountain Winery is located in the Upper Galilee mountain Range as one of Israel’s best wine growing areas. Evolved from a joint venture in 2000, the winery is revitalizing a rich winemaking history that began over 2000 years ago. Just in case you cannot read the site, here is a website which is the official site for tourism in Israel and includes wine tours so you can check out all of the wine areas which includes the Upper Galilee area of wineries.

Israeli wineries are producing more white wines and Rose’s for us to enjoy. This gorgeous clear pink and fruity blend of Sangiovese, Pinot Noir and Grenache has just the right amount of acidity and fruit to enjoy year round and especially for warm summer months. This easy drinking rosè is full of  fresh strawberry flavors and aromas with hints of aromatic earthy herbs that make your mouth water.

Green Living and Sustainable 

Green living and sustainable is the way of life at the Galil Mountain. Winemaker Micha Vaadia practices his winemaking that is in harmony with nature and sustainable solar power, wastewater management and composting.  Micah has many years of experience that began at UC Davis enology program and became chief winemaker at Galil Mountain overseeing outstanding achievements in International competition.


Enjoy this rosè chilled and with a variety of foods including cheese and fruit platters, mediterranean foods and grilled meats.






05 2016

THINK PINK for Rose’ Wines ~ A Weekend Wine and Cheese Pairing


I’m not talking about that syrupy sweet pink mystery juice in the giant bottle that grandma sipped on special occasions. Is that even really wine?

Rose’ Wines have the acidity of white wine with the fruit and character of a red wine. They are not overly sweet and considered a DRY wine. Rose’s are versatile and food friendly wines. They pair well with many foods and most cheeses pair well with a dry Rose’.

Rose’s are made with red grapes, the same grapes used to make many varieties of red wines. It’s all about how long the pomace or solid components of the grapes are left in the tank to ferment.
The longer the grape skins,seeds and stems are in contact with the juice, the darker the color. Depending on the color and intensity of the rose’ the winemaker desires, the time the pomace spends in the juice might be for just a few hours.

The result is a lively,refreshing medium-bodied wine with depth of fresh fruit flavors and aromas such as strawberry and raspberry balanced with good acidity. A slight amount of tannins are present due to the fermentation process adding structure and body to the wine.

Rose’s are great for anytime of the year but I especially love a great Rose’ on pleasant late summer evenings with a cheese platter or grilled meats.

Malbec-blend Rose’s have been a particular favorite for me. This Chilean Rose’ CALCU is made from a blend of Malbec,Syrah and Petit Verdot grapes. Each of these grapes produces intense, full-bodied red wines. When Rose’ are made with these grapes,a clean and crisp acidic wine is produced with lively grapefruit  notes and and vibrant notes of raspberry,strawberry and cherry.

I found this delicious handcrafted,artisanal cheese at Whole Foods from JASPER HILL CREAMERY  in Vermont and glazed it with Bonnie’s Jams Raspberry Lime Rickey. It was delicious!

MOSES SLEEPER, named after a historical pioneer scout, is an new American bloomy rind semi-soft cow’s milk cheese similar in texture to a triple cream. This cheese is creamy,soft and buttery. It has a slightly grassy taste but is not pungent. The Raspberry Lime Rickey was a perfect complement to this semi-soft cheese. This unique jam is tangy with lime and sweet raspberry.

MOSES SLEEPER’s fresh,creamy texture combined with the tangy lime and raspberry jam made a perfect wine and food pairing with the dry,crisp Rose’and its fresh raspberry notes. Be sure to check out the Whole Foods trip and blog to Jasper Hill Farms for more information about these fantastic Vermont cheeses.

Be adventurous!  There are many delicious, dry ROSE’S available from your favorite wine shop.
See if you can find a favorite!


If you are the mood for a bubbly, you must try one of my favorites CREMANT de BOURGOGNE BRUT ROSE’ of Burgundy,France.
This lively,dry sparkling wine is made from the Pinot Noir grape. It is fresh,vivacious and has intense aromas and flavors of raspberry and red currant and would be another perfect match for this cheese plate.

These mouthwatering Rose’s as well as other fine wines are available at BRINKMAN’S Wine and Spirits in Franklin,TN.
Read more about Vermont’s new cheeses and the cool stories behind the names. MOSES SLEEPER is available at Whole Foods in Franklin,TN or check out their website.



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