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Brunch in Nashville Just Got Real! Enjoy a Nashville-Style Brunch at Party Fowl Near Downtown

Brunch at Party Fowl! The Chicken is HOT and the Cocktails are sooo Cool!

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Brunch at Party Fowl available Saturday and Sunday, 10a-2p

Not so long ago, we (locals) could only dream of legit brunches to spend our hard-earned leisurely Saturday’s and Sunday’s buttering our biscuits with friends. And, NOW, we have another option that will just keep you coming back for more. Party Fowl is a labor of love, passion, perseverance that was born from a chance comment (Party Fowl!)  by Austin’s father, which changed his life. Ask Austin, he’ll tell you the story!  Austin Smith, one of  the owners and founders of Party Fowl, has given us another way to immerse ourselves into the impressive Nashville culinary scene. Party Fowl represents the cool, hip culinary scene of Nashville balanced with a touch of twang. Have I mentioned the food? Well, let me tell you the crispy, savory hot chicken IS legit and will keep your fingers red-tinged and just enough heat to enjoy a great selection of local beer or cocktails available.

And, it makes brunch just that much better!

Check out the Brunch Menu. For the brave of heart, or, just really having righteous hunger pains, you can sip and plow your way through to the Brunch Bloody Mary by chowing down on the BRUNCH FOR TWO ($50).                        (Photos above)

It’s a 55oz Bloody Mary (Whoa!) topped with two whole fried Cornish Game Hens, two whole scotch eggs, eight fried okra, and 1/2 avocado. We experienced it through someone else’s eyes. What a culinary and visual treat to behold!

*******Limited quantities on Saturday and Sunday so order ahead******** I dare you!

Well, we decided that we will have to come back of the massive Bloody Mary feast on another weekend so we could enjoy several of the brunch items that we sampled at a Nashville Food Blogger’s media event the week before.

The bacon-infused vodka Bloody Mary’s hit the spot that began our brunch. I hear that the chef is currently  working on a “bacon surprise” addition to these already awesome Sunday morning cocktails. So, watch for an update at @winewithlisa Instagram.

I recommend getting different brunch entrees so you can “mix and match” with your friends. You WILL want to sample all. It is everything it says it is and more. The bourbon sauce is addictive!  The HOT CHICKEN & STUFFED FRENCH TOAST is a thick cut, house-made cinnamon brioche stuffed with apples and bourbon cream cheese, dipped in orange custard, skillet fried, and served with hot chicken and you can choose what heat level you want: southern fried, mild, medium, Nashville Hot or Poultrygeist. Medium was just the perfect level. Tongue-tingling but not too hot; just right.

This was awesome! the LOADED HOT CHICKEN BISCUIT starts out with scratch-made, open-faced buttermilk biscuits topped with hot chicken  sawmill gravy, two eggs prepared your way, and lyonnaise potatoes. Their house-made jalapeño strawberry jam was the perfect sweet|salty|spicy accompaniment to the warm biscuits.

Underneath the perfectly cooked eggs is the CHICKEN HASH WITH FRIED EGG: Diced sweet potato, diced vidalia onion, and pulled smoked chicken sautéed in garlic, green onion butter, topped with smoked gouda, and finished off with two sunny side-up eggs. Maybe just a bit lighter than the other entrees but just as tasty and satisfying.

No really, I am just holding this for someone else………


01 2017

Create a Cheese Board with La Brea Bakery’s Reserve Fortuna and Sauvignon Blanc to Enjoy with Friends (Part 3)

 La Brea Bakery Reserve Fortuna  Bread


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La Brea Bakery sent three loaves of Reserve bread to re-create their suggested pairings. We hope you love what we came up with!

La Brea Bakery Reserve Fortuna bread is the single origin heirloom wheat and grown Grown in Big Sky Country, Montana. Each loaf has it’s own personality and distinctive flavors.


This loaf has levels of texture from the Fortuna grain mix, including a crispy crust and a mixed crumb from the cracked wheat berries.

Everyone loves a well-crafted cheese board with varying textures and flavors. We added Murray’s Forteto Pecorino Toscano Cheese imported from Tuscany. This Italian sheep’s milk cheese has a smooth flavor and texture with a fresh, mild, and grassy taste.  Salty, savory salami, crisp, tart apples, sweet grapes and toasted pecans balances out the board with just about every flavor and texture imaginable. Don’t forget the tangy mustard!


Sauvignon Blanc wines are refreshing, fruity and crisp which is a nice wine to pair with a cheese and salami. They are known for higher acidity with lots of lemon, lime and grapefruit notes. From Sonoma County in California,  Twomey 2014 Sauvignon Blanc was my pick to enjoy with my mixed cheese board.

It is a dry, zesty and refreshing with fresh citrus notes of lemon, lime and grapefruit notes. The mouthwatering acidity is the key to the pairing but is balanced by ripe melon notes and medium body with a lingering finish.

I couldn’t think of a better choice of wines to balance out all of the flavors so well.




08 2016

Pair Spanish Cava Sparkling Wine with La Brea Bakery’s Reserve Pain De Campagne with Figs, Goat Cheese and Honey (Part 2)

La Brea Bakery Reserve Pain de Campagne  plus Cava will become your favorite way to enjoy sparkling wine and cheese


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La Brea Bakery recently sent three reserve breads to pair their wine suggestions along with the bread and food suggestions. My first article was a hit so we hope that you will enjoy and try this one too.

What each reserve bread has in common is that the wheat is grown in Big Sky Country, Montana and made from the single origin heirloom wheat.

Yet, each bread is has its own personality, flavor and texture by the different combinations of wheat. The grain mix is Fortuna wheat and whole milled rye.

Each slice slice has a thin, crispy crust and a chewy crumb contain sweet, nutty flavors followed by balanced, gentle sour notes. Pairing with a sparkling wine made in the traditional method of champagne brings out the complex notes of yeast bread, nuttiness and slight sourness similar to sourdough.

Vermont Creamery  fresh and tangy goat cheese is the second layer of flavor base that goes so well with this pairing. It’s the layers of flavors that support the fresh figs and local honey for sweetness which is topped off with toasted almond slivers for added nuttiness.


Segura Viudas Brut Cava

The original suggested pairing is a non-vintage champagne. Ultimately, I decided upon Cava, one of my favorite go-sparkling wines that is made just like the champagne method. Cava is the sparkling wine of Spain and has a complex flavors similar to champagne that would complement the tangy goat cheese and yeastiness from the bread. This dry (Brut) sparkling wine of Spain has aromas of tropical fruit and lemon-lime peel. The secondary fermentation boosts the aromas of baked bread and finishes with.tart and tangy sourness of lemon peel.

This is a perfect small plate appetizer for anytime and you will take delight in the flavor dimensions created by this pairing.




08 2016