Thanks to Smokin Tex This Perfectly Smoked Tenderloin was Front and Center at our Holiday Meal

Several years ago, I purchased a Smokin Tex small electric smoker and, as it turns out, was probably the most genius purchase I have ever made.

My Smokin Tex is small but mighty!

I love smoked foods but did not have space for a huge smoker and didn’t really worry about storing wood.  My beloved, well-loved smoker has been my faithful “cooking companion” and has allowed me to serve awesome smoked pork ribs, salmon, potatoes as well as cheese, olives and vegetables. My smoker has been indispensable for all my catered paella and tapas dinners too.

This smoke imparts the right amount of smoke flavor every time and temperature setting is always on-point.

Now, four year later I dragged it to our new home in Texas, where smoked meats rule!

Christmas Dinner

This gorgeous, perfectly seasoned and smoked Prime Beef Tenderloin was front and center of our Christmas dinner and I just wanted to share how easy it was to achieve perfection with this small, electric smoker that fits most anywhere outside your home.

Of course, temperature is key for medium rare. The tenderloin is slightly tapered and cooking it to 135 degrees will allow for a medium end to accommodate those who like it that way.  Rub down a trimmed Prime Beef Tenderloin with olive oil, coarse salt and cracked pepper. Simply place the right amount of wood chips for your smoker in the smoker box, place the tenderloin on the rack with the temperature probe set to 135 degrees. And, that’s it! When it reaches temperature, remove from smoker, let it sit for a few minutes, then slice and serve. The smoke flavor is just right, very flavorful but not too smoky.


I found a perfect spot right outside my kitchen for my smoker. It is well-loved and still going strong.

Come and Steak it! We enjoyed every tender, juicy, flavorful bit!

That’s my husband, Eddie. He can’t wait for dinner!

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