A New Experience in Sipping Tequila: Reserva 2014 Scotch Cask Finish Reposado Herradura Tequila

Scotch Cask Finished Tequila for the Tequila Connoisseurs in your life!


This is part of Herradura’s small-batch exclusive series, of which no more than 14,000 bottles are produced. The 2014 edition is an 80 proof reposado finished for two months in whiskey barrels from the Highland and Islay regions of Scotland.

In October 2014, Casa Herradura released another prestigious tequila to give us yet another traditional yet very innovative sipping tequila like no other, Reserva Scotch Cask Finish Reposado.  A reposado tequila is a type of tequila that has been aged in oak for a period of two to twelve months. But what sets this one apart from other reposados is the double-barreling. They take the barreling a step a little further and the result is one of the finest sipping tequilas you’ll taste.

The balance and complexity of the flavors and aromas are the result of double-barreling in American oak casks for 11 months then 3 months in single malt Scotch Casks from prestigious northern highland Scotch.

With every sip, I was mesmerized by the aromas and flavors of toasted malt, cooked agave, smoke, Tahitian vanilla, butter, honey, caramel, warm cinnamon and nutmeg spice.


I was invited for an evening of sensory pairings of Herradura Tequila Collection with a gourmet meal and chocolate with Chef Jake Strang at the 1808 Grille in the Hutton Hotel. The evening was filled with learning about and experiencing the differences in  Herradura Silver, Reposado and the newly released Scotch Cask Finish Reposado.


 Pairings are not just for wine!

Pairing  salted chocolate caramel with tequila a delicious surprise. The Añejo helps to enhance the chocolate’s sweetness, and the chocolate enhances the toasted, nutty notes of the Añejo.

Dinner and dessert pairings with these lovely sipping tequilas are a great way to discover how the complex flavors and aromas of the tequila and the flavors of the food complement and highlight each other.

Executive Chef Jake Strang created an unbelievably fabulous dinner to pair with the Herradura Tequilas. Crispy Smoked Scottish Cod Brandade with Ancho and Avocado Relish with Herradura Silver. Lamb Loin Encrusted with earthy Chorizo, Plantain cake and Piquillo Gastrique was a great match with the Herradura Resposado Tequila.

TequilapairingPicMonkey Collage

The ultimate pairing of the evening was the Sticky Toffee Flan with House-made Caramel with a nutty,crunchy Pepita Tuile with the Reserve 2014 Scotch Cask Finish Resposado. This was definitely a WOW moment!

TequiladessertPicMonkey Collage


These are the Nashville stores that sell Herradura 2014 Scotch Cask Finish Reposado:

Bud’s Liquors
Cheers Wine & Liquor
Highway 64 Liquor Store
Interstate Wine & Spirits
Main Street Liquors
Midtown Wine & Spirits
Parkway Wine & Spirits

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