BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE! Warm Up with a Mexican Mocha with Olive & Sinclair Chocolate and Nespresso

 “Love is like swallowing hot chocolate before it has cooled off. It takes you by surprise at first, but keeps you warm for a long time.” – Anonymous

Brrrrrrr. It’s that time again! Time to snuggle up with your sweetie and a luscious mug of rich, soul-warming Hot Chocolate.

This recipe is one for the show “The Best Thing I Ever Ate and…….Drank!”

What could be better than slowly melting down a WHOLE BAR of decadent Locally made Olive and Sinclair’s Cinnamon Chili Chocolate Bar with milk and blended with rich,dark Arpeggio Espresso from Nestle’s NESPRESSO Pixie and topped with a Handmade Chocolate Chili Marshmallow from The BANG Candy Company also from Nashville,TN.

The spicy warmth from the cinnamon and cayenne in the Olive and Sinclair Chocolate is one of the best Hot Chocolates I can remember drinking.
The spicy bittersweet chocolate bar combined with the rich espresso makes a perfect cup of warmth for a cold,cold night.

Nashville is lucky to be the home of these fabulous locally- made products. The awarding-winning Olive and Sinclair Southern Artisan Stone Ground Chocolate  are rustic bars of rich bittersweet chocolate and uniquely blended with brown sugar for that Southern flair.
Hatcher Family Dairy Milk is another local product supplying Nashville with fresh and wholesome all-natural milk.

The Nestle NESPRESSO Espresso Maker it the BEST expresso maker and is a favorite in our household.

You can check out the website link. We purchased our Nespresso Pixie at our local Williams-Sonoma. It makes the richest,most full-bodied cup of expresso of any home brewers and rivals any coffee shop.

And, The BANG Candy Company hit Nashville’s fabulous food scene with her hand-made gourmet marshallows half-dipped in Belgian Chocolate with a variety of unique flavors. The Chocolate Chili Marshmallows combine a spicy sweetness that
is perfect match to the hot chocolate.


Melt 1 broken-up bar of Olive and Sinclair Mexican Style Cinn-Chili in 1-1/2 cups of Hatcher Family Dairy Milk.

Throw in a fresh cinnamon stick,for good measure

Add a tablespoonful of brown sugar or to taste

Warm slowly to just simmering while whisking

Make two servings of Nespresso Espresso Arpeggio-or your favorite -and whisk into the hot chocolate

You can find all of the Nashville local products at Whole Foods and other store around the area OR
you can order the products by clicking on the links provided in the text.



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