Cocktails with Lisa: Enjoy a Simple Serve with Your Favorite Milam & Greene Whiskey

Samples were provided by Milam & Greene Distillery

Change the way you think (about) and drink whiskey

At some point in your life, you were introduced to bourbon whiskey. Most likely you saw men drinking whiskey on TV while watching your favorite cowboy westerns or perhaps businessmen at work casually pouring a shot in a crystal glass in the boss’s office in the 60’s? Or, seeing your father or grandfather gathered around a fire in the den sipping whiskey while enjoying a cigar or maybe even you partied with your college friends drinking cheap whiskey mixed with cola during your college days?

Believe it or not, how you were introduced to whiskey, where you lived, your cultural beliefs —your social terroir —– is more than likely how you feel about whiskey today.

Before I began studying and understanding spirits beyond wine, I would have never thought that I would enjoy a glass of bourbon whiskey neat, over ice or as a Simple Serve. Like many, I was introduced to whiskey with mixers such as whiskey sours.  Through my studies I have learned a lot about myself, what I like to sip and how I like to sip it.

As an active member of the Austin Food Bloggers Alliance and on my own, I’ve had the chance to learn more and appreciate even more the art of whiskey sipping and what goes in to making it the way I like it.

The Whiskey Dream Team at Milam & Greene is composed of a Texas entrepreneur and Partner Marsha Milam, Marlene Holmes – Master Distiller, Jordan Osborne – Chief Brewer and Heather Greene CEO, Partner and Master Blender.

On several occasions, I’ve had the chance to learn more from whiskey expert Heather Greene about the how’s and why’s of whiskey enjoyment through nosing, tasting and learning a little about how to appreciate whiskey building on my past experiences. This was easy because, from the beginning,  I had always enjoyed a whiskey cocktail. Through Heather’s expertise, she guided us through the aromas and flavors to enjoy whiskey neat, over ice and a Simple Pour cocktail.

The Simple Serve: a simple (uncomplicated) way to enjoy a cocktail with quality bourbon 

Heather and her “dream team” use their talents and knowledge to take raw ingredients (grains), fermentation and blending to create aromatic, smooth sipping whiskey for us to enjoy. Their expertise has given us the chance to savor and appreciate the best of  flavors and aromas from the selection of grains, to fermentation and expert blending for optimum enjoyment.

A Simple Serve of Milam & Greene’s Triple Cask Blend of Bourbon whiskey with a twist and snap of zested orange peel was the perfect complement to the vanilla and floral notes  with a smooth and creamy finish.

A Simple Serve: A twist and snap of fresh grapefruit zest is the perfect pairing with cinnamon, chocolate, dark fruit aromas of the Straight Rye Whiskey Port Finished Rye and complements the rich, smooth, warm finish.

To learn more about how you can enjoy sipping whiskeys, be sure to check out Milam & Greene Distillery  and visit the distillery on the Texas Whiskey Trail in Blanco, Texas.

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