Exploring the Culinary Cuisine of Charleston, South Carolina DESSERT FIRST!

Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart. ~Erma Bombeck

Lucky me!

An unexpected offer to travel to the Low Country and spend time with someone very dear to me
over the New Year’s Eve holiday turned out to be an unexpected culinary treat. This was a quick trip
so I understand that I have just touched the surface of the unique Low Country Cuisine by visiting just
a few restaurants in the area.

Red Velvet Bread Pudding. Who knew there was another way to eat Red Velvet Cake!

Blossom Restaurant has the most unique bread pudding I’ve tasted. Rich velvety squares of red velvet cake are baked in a warm and creamy custard and served warm topped with Strawberry Ice Cream.

Blossom Restaurant is located next door to her sister restaurant, Magnolia’s,both located in the heart
of Charleston’s Historic District within walking distance of many beautiful hotels with this area.
Both restaurants feature awarding-winning Low Country Cuisine and delicious fresh seafood.

This is one recipe I will be making at home. Watch for the my version soon!

Intensely Tart Lime, Extra-Thick and Creamy…..The Best Key Lime Pie



Key Lime Pie is one of the most refreshing desserts ever to end a rich meal of seafood and steak. Hank’s Seafood Restaurant probably has the absolute best Key Lime Pie I have ever eaten.
Mouth-puckering with an ample amount of fresh lime, this extra thick,cool and creamy pie is a refreshing slice of heaven! It’s fresh lime flavor
is complemented by the fresh Raspberry,Mango and Sour Cream Coulis pooled around the plate.

The crust was a real treat too. It was extra thick and had a great texture,moist but a little crunch and held together nicely.

Hank’s Seafood Restaurant also located in the heart of Charleston’s Historic District also has amazing
fresh seafood and among one of the best restaurants in the area.

I have tasted many Key Lime Pies,both made by friends and out at restaurants,but I have never had one this
fresh and delicious. The filling was DOUBLE THICK and extremely intense with lime. NOW, I know how to make the best Key Lime Pie ever!

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