Jordan Winery and Antonelli’s Cheese Pairing Event for the Austin Food Bloggers Alliance


Wine and Cheese can be a pairing made in heaven and I happened to be one of the lucky 18 that was chosen to attend this delectable pairing event!


First of all, if you don’t know about Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, WHY NOT??? This amazing boutique cheese shop, owned by John and Kendall Antonelli, located in the Hyde Park area of Austin, offers an incredible selection of boutique artisan cheeses from all around the globe as well as local artisan Texas cheese. The cheese case is well-stocked with incredible hand-crafted domestic artisan cheeses too. The staff is extremely friendly, knowledgable and passionate about cheese and will help you select the perfect cheese to fit the occasion. Of course, you get to sample! The Saturday I was in the store there was a long line and it was well worth the wait. No one seemed to mind standing in line and I knew I would soon have a smile on my face like everyone else after sampling and selecting my cheese!
Check out Antonelli’s Cheese Shop website and read all about Kendall and John Antonelli and how their passion turned into such an amazing local hit.


We were lucky to have been able to enjoy Jordan Wines brought to us by Lisa Mattson,Director of Communications of Jordan Vineyard and Winery. and known for her blog The Journey of Jordan Wine, shared her knowledge of the wines, the winery and most of all the wines and how they pair with the selections of cheeses. My friend and fellow Austin Food/Wine Blogger, Rob Moshein, The Austin Wine Guy, and I were both glad to see Lisa Mattson again.



The harmonious selections of Jordan Wines by Lisa and the artisan cheeses by Kendall Antonelli were enjoyed by all attendees while Lisa and Kendall both educated us about the wines and cheeses and how they determined the selections.

A simple guideline for an enjoyable wine and cheese pairing is to match the acidity and power of both the wine and cheese.


Jordan Wines are elegant and produced Old World style using New World methods. The Cabernet Sauvignon has balanced fruit, acid and tannins and the cool climate of the Russian River produces a delightful chardonnay that is crisp and minerally with lemon and lime notes.
The Jordan wines that were selected for the event was the 2010 Chardonnay and 2003,2008,2009 Cabernet Sauvignon. The variety of vintages include the younger,fruiter wines up through a more developed wine with slightly different flavor profiles that will pair with the variety of cheeses.

*Jordan Wines can be purchased in the Austin area at Twin Liquors,Specs and Central Market.*


Here is the list of the cheeses and wines that were paired exceptionally well. I am sure that Kendall and the exceptional Antonelli’s staff will hook you up with these cheeses for your next wine and cheese party!

(From top clockwise)

Ste.Maure Pure Luck Dairy, Dripping Springs,Texas and 2010 Jordan Chardonnay with Robert Lambert Rangpur Lime Marmalade: You HAVE to get a jar of this marmalade! You can purchase it at Antonelli’s! OMG! It is amazing delicious!

An ashy,bloomy goat’s milk cheese made in the Ste.Maure Style: The creamy,chalky and delicate tanginess topped with the AMAZING Lime marmalade was a great match with the fresh lime and mineral notes of the Chardonnay.

Red Hawk Cow Girl Creamery/California: A creamy,mushroomy cow’s milk cheese, wash rind style plus the salty Alle-Pia Sopressa:
The  hint of  earthy mushroom,blackberry,cherry and spice notes of the 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon was another perfect pairing.

Ossau-Iraty from Pays-Basque,France: a salty,funky and semi-soft style sheep’s milk cheese paired well with the soft and balanced 2008 Cab with notes of strawberries and blackberries. I think what really pulled it together was the sweet,tangy strawberry jam INNA Jam Seascape with the pairing.

Cabot Clothbound is a firm,aged cheese form The Cellars at Jasper Hill in Vermont was right on with the well-aged,fully developed 2003 Cabernet with rich texture and earthiness.

Don’t forget the chocolate! The 2003 Cab was another perfect pairing with Dick Taylor’s artisan 74% Domican Republic Chocolate!



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