Lisa’s Weekly Wine Pick: Votre Sante’ Francis Ford Coppola’s Luscious Pinot Noir

California meets Burgundy with Coppola’s 2009 Pinot Noir.

If you are a Pinot Noir fan, you will be pleased and surprised by this bottle of wine. This is not your typical California-style which often embraces a big, fruit forward wine with mouth-coating sweetness that may be so bold that it overshadows the unique character of the varietal.

There is a lot going on in this elegant Burgundian-style wine produced in California. Traditionally,the Pinot Noir Grape IS the red grape of the Burgundy Region of France. This region is famous for producing particularly high quality wines with recognizable character and complexity.

Votre Sante ‘ is a luxurious Pinot Noir with many delicious dimensions. Fresh fruits such as raspberry,cranberry and red cherries first hit the palate and are balanced with layers of earthy cinnamon and nutmeg spices,minerality and bright acidity. Care is taken when picking the grapes and producing the wine to retain their natural acidity and bright fresh flavors. The result is reminiscent of the light fresh fruit, earthy and minerally terroir-driven French Burgundies.

As we feel the summer turn to fall and our cooking tastes change from outdoor grilling to indoor cooking, this wine would be great with roasted salmon,cornish hens or duck.




This is a dish I had last week at Navajo Grill on a wonderful girl’s trip to the Texas Hill Country located in Fredericksburg,Texas.
Votre Sante’ would pair perfectly with this dish, Pan-Roasted Crispy-Skinned Maple Leaf Duck,Sour Cherry Demi-glace,Pecan Wild rice and Kale.


Be sure to check out the label to read what it says.

VOTRE SANTE'( TO YOUR HEALTH!) is the traditional phrase the French say when they raise their glass. I think the French would be proud!

This luscious Burgundian Pinot Noir can be found at Brinkmann’s Wine and Spirits if you are in the Nashville area. If you don’t live in the Nashville,TN area, search for these wines at

Grab a bottle or two for your weekend meal or just for the pure enjoyment of it!

And,in the spirit of the French…..


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