Host In-Home Paella Parties with My Paella Travels in Your Cocina!

Entertain your guests in your very own kitchen with Austin’s Paella Performance Chef, Lisa Mays. Open-kitchen restaurants have been very popular and a very and fashionable trend. Invite your guests to a unique dining experience in your own home. Enjoy a “night in” and host a Spanish Cocina Party in your home with your friends.

Many years of experience with entertaining guests hosting in my own home with Spanish, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine led me to create My Paella Travels which began in Austin, Texas several years ago. Since then, I traveled to Nashville, Georgia, Louisiana and back to Austin to create a unique in-home dining experience for you.

Who doesn’t love Spanish-Mediterranean cuisine with intense flavors and fresh bites?!?!  The paella experience is best when it is created from beginning to end while you and your guests observe and as questions. There are many paellas to choose from and I customize bread and cheese boards, and tapas, as well. My passion is paella and the Spanish Tapas Bar experience. My goal is to create a casual, unpretentious learning and fun experience. While you and your guests gather around the kitchen enjoying wine, cocktails and tapas, I will begin to create paellas using traditional cooking methods and sharing the history of this once humble dish and now the most popular dish of Spain.

Don’t have a big kitchen? That’s perfect! This type of party is just right for about 4 to 12 guests or 4 couples. For bigger parties, that’s when I pull out the extra large paella pans and outdoor burners for warm weather events.

Open Kitchen Paella Events are just perfect for couples, girl parties and in-home cooking classes, if that is what you want.

As always, I work with each client and customize each event. Your kitchen is your restaurant for one night and I’ll work with you on making this an unforgettable and fun night.

You may contact me for more information and booking at: [email protected]

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