Still Austin Distillery New Release of The Musician Hits a Harmonious High Note with Every Sip

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It’s finally here and ready for you to embrace and enjoy! Still Austin Whiskey Co.’s flagship spirit, Texas-grown and Texas-made The Musician straight bourbon whiskey.

The Musician is the first in a series of Texas-terroir driven spirits that embody and express the heart of what Austin is best known for: music. To say Austin is synonymous with music is an understatement.

We are music.

Still Austin Whiskey Co. has carefully crafted and created a whiskey that is as harmonious as Austin’s music scene. From mash to  bottle, each sip is 100% Texas-grown rye, corn and malted barley. After time in the barrel, it is ready for you to sip on a genuine expression of Texas terroir.

Recently, the Austin Food Bloggers Alliance and Still Austin collaborated on a Zoom Happy Hour to help get the word out about their flagship spirit and what a treat it was! We were sent a bottle of The Musician and lots of cool swag including an album featuring Texas bands and musicians. I got ZZ Top’s Tejas Album and each blogger got an equally cool album of everyone’s favorite musicians.

There is nothing better than a great bottle of your favorite whiskey and music. Hanging out with your favorite peeps, listening to your favorite tunes and sipping on a real Texas straight bourbon whiskey brings a harmonious perfection of an evening to those involved.

Over the past several years, I have quickly become a fan and aficionado of Texas spirits. The Musician straight bourbon whiskey is a Certified Texas Whiskey and is Still Distillery is listed on the Texas Whiskey Trail. This 98.4 proof spirit is intensely flavorful with swirls of brown sugar, caramel, vanilla, a hint of smoke and baking spices. There is bold yet smooth flavor in every flavorful sip and is perfect for sipping straight, with an ice cube or mixed into your favorite cocktail.

Still Austin’s Gold Rush and Whiskey Sour fresh-made is available to create your own cocktail at home. They are the perfect accompaniment with whiskey for a spot-on cocktail.

Music is personified by the amazing artwork of the world renowned artist Marc Burckhardt. I can’t wait to enjoy the future spirits in this series and behold the beauty of the bottle label art. Read more about the artist here.

Read more about the newest Texas-made whiskey, how to purchase it and all about Still Whiskey Co. here. 







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