Stop By Hot and Cold Coffee Bar Located in Hillsboro Village to Enjoy a New Fall Espresso Created by Barista Jordan Thompson

Enjoy the flavors of fall with the hand-crafted Equinox at Hot & Cold Coffee Bar !

EquinoxPicMonkey Collage

Jordan is dedicated to making a great coffee drink and is showcasing his newest coffee creation with the handmade Sweet Potato Marshmallow floating on top of rich and nutty espresso, honey and then torched which brings out the spices and aromas from this handmade treat! It is actually his secret concoction of sweet potatoes, spices and sugar. From the syrup, he then makes the marshmallows—genious!


Here is another way to enjoy the fall and espresso. The rich and nutty flavors of the espresso are not covered up by milk but enhanced by the sweet and spice from the torched i.e. caramelized marshmallow. Jordan created this unique recipe to for his customers to enjoy and experience how the intense flavors complement each other without any other ingredients.


The Equinox is one of my new favorites! During the warmer months, I drink up to three shots of espresso over ice, without much else. I happen to love the nutty, bitter, creaminess of a great espresso pull. Just in time for cooler weather, the warm espresso simply topped off with a fluffy, sweet potato and spiced marshmallow was just right.


As a matter of fact, I’m heading that way today!





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