Whip Up Kicked Up Hot Chocolate and a Tropical Piña Colada with Spodee Country Wine with Moonshine!

It’s Spodee time anywhere you can mix up a cocktail!

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Snuggle up with your sweetie and keep warm with this kicked up hot chocolate or sip on a colada if your on a beach! Just celebrate life and the upcoming New Year with a hand-crafted hooch!

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That’s right! Spodee’s modern recipe is fashioned from the coveted recipes of Depression Era hooch. It began as secretive way to sell moonshine and only those with the right handshake or wink could get there hands on it. Today, it is handcrafted and brewed at Brotherhood Winery which is one of the oldest wineries since 1839.

Around the holidays, you are bombarded with Spiced Pumpkin Lattes, Eggnog and Mulled Wine. We thought it would be fun to sample Spodee’s and celebrate in a not-so-traditional style.

Spodee Wine  is a white wine with notes of pineapple, coconut, and amaretto — both are fortified with moonshine, which kicks the ABV content up to 36 proof!

Spodee Piña Colada was cool, refreshing and hit the spot, YES, even during the holiday season. The flavors of pineapple, coconut, and amaretto created a perfect colada. And the best part? We will be enjoying these throughout the warmer months too! Spodee, you are very fashionable anytime of the year!

Spodee Red is port wine with note of cherries and chocolate which is fortified with moonshine, which kicks the ABV content up to 36 proof!

Spodee Wine Piña Colada

3 parts Spodee Wine

1 part fresh lime juice

1 part coconut cream

1 cup frozen pineapple chunks

Add all ingredients to a blender, whirl until smooth, garnish and enjoy!

Kicked Up Hot Chocolate with Spodee Red Wine  

Put the kids to bed! Whip up your favorite hot chocolate recipe and leave a little bit of room for a splash or three of Spodee Red. This grown up treat is just for us! Find someone to snuggle with quickly! You will both be smiling!

Spodee’s website has sooo many thirst-quenching recipes, you must check them out!

Cheers to 2015 in Spodee-style!

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