Wine with Lisa: It’s Rosé Time in Texas So Head to French Connection Wines in Hye Located on the 290 Wine Trail

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Texas rosés pair well with the season and life style of this area.

Rosé wines are very popular in the warmer months of the year – especially here in Texas.

But let’s face it, a great rosè is just right any time of the year.

In this wonderful global world of wine, there are many styles of rosé to choose from. Everyone has an opinion about what rosé wine they like and why. Rosè wines come in many shades of pink and many styles. I’ve enjoyed bold styles that I’ve had from Spain to California as well as enjoying more delicate, lighter bodied and aromatic rosés I’ve had from Provence and every other style in between.

Which brings me to why these Texas rosés are so amazing.

French Connection Wines located in Hye, Texas along the 290 Wine Trail is producing 100% Texas rosé that you need to know about, especially if you are a rosé wine lover, and who isn’t?

 Ben Calais, originally from Calais, France settled in the Texas Wine Country are and his journey brought his French-influenced wine making skills to Texas and is the winemaker for French Wine Connection (FWC).

For me to enjoy a rosè, it must be a beautiful clear pink color, very fresh red fruit aromatics and flavors such as strawberries, raspberries or even cherries or watermelon that jump out of the glass and are surrounded by mouthwatering but not overpowering acidity. I prefer a light to medium bodied rosé that is refreshing and beckons me to drink it on a hot Texas evening rather than one that is almost a heavy as a red wine.

I believe that the rosés and the latest vintage of FCW rosé will set the standard for the rosés flowing forth from the Texas Wine Country on 290 West and beyond.

FCW La Connection 2018 and 2019 check off everything on the list that I crave in a rosé and I cannot wait to get more! 

Rosés are meant to be fun, refreshing and tasty as well are pair with light salads, seafood, chicken and summertime pizzas. This rosé will be a wine pairing wine that you will choose in addition to an afternoon wine on a hot day.

Recently, I had the 2018 and 2019 FCW Rosé side by side or vertical tasting to enjoy  on a very warm Texas evening and paired with my White Focaccia Pizza with Garlic Parmesan Cream Sauce. YUM!

Both are fresh and lively with strawberries and raspberries on the palate and nose as well as supplying the refreshing acidity that is necessary for the balance of flavors.

The brand new vintage of 2019 La Connection Rosé was a delight! It all the high notes for me. I compared it to the 2018 and the only difference for me was that although it had a year to mature in the bottle, the fruit was every bit as fresh as the 2019.

Texas wines – Southern Rhone Grapes

Ben and the FWC team are  committed to making 100% Texas wines and the grapes whose origins are from Southern Rhone, which grow well in the High Plains of Texas wine growing regions.

Follow me to French Connection Wines for more delicious reviews of where Texas meets France on 290 West.

NOTE: A unique vertical of two vintages of La Connection rosé – 2018 and 2019. Beautiful aromatic and age-worthy Texas rosés. 2018 vintage is 100% Mourvèdre and 2019 consists of 85% Mourvèdre and 15% Grenache.


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