You Don’t Have to be a Vegan to Love Vegan Cheese at Rebel Cheese & Deli

In defense of vegan cheese…… a non-vegan, meat-eating, wine- drinking foodie

Rebel Cheese Shop – a vegan deli and wine shop is located in the Mueller area of Austin, Texas.

First, I am not a vegan nor will I ever be a vegan but I am adventurous and love good food that tastes great and it’s a bonus if it does you no harm (meaning may be good for you.)

But, like a lot of self-proclaimed foodies, I am always up for something new and exciting. Rebel Cheese Shop is a cozy deli and restaurant on the corner of a mixed use complex located in the suburb of Mueller. It is as bright and inviting as the food it serves. There is comfortable and well-lit indoor seating as well as bistro style outdoor seating for those sunny Austin days.

Yep.It’s true. I am not a vegan but I eat vegetables daily as well as some type of meat. But, I couldn’t deny how unique and inviting all of the cheese looked and tasted. The employees are very friendly and will give you a sample of anything that you would like to taste and once I did it was hard making up my mind! So, I got a vegan charcuterie and cheese board and vegan Caesar Salad was blown away by how  tasty everything was and how satisfied I felt. They have quite a selection of beautiful global-style cheeses that run quite the gamut of types and flavors.

The flavors were fresh, tasty and on point and so were the textures. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted.

The Cheese &  Charcuterie board features garbanzo bean based vegan salami and pepperoni and cashew milk based cheeses including Truffle Brie, Garlic Herb Boursin and a Spicy Cheese. Added to the board was Coconut Ash “Goat” Cheese and I’m glad I added it! The vegan meats had smoky, salty, spicy meaty flavors of pepperoni and salami yet you could tell the difference in each.  Along with olives, grapes, roasted pepper and lots of crackers and toasted vegan baguette slices, I happily dove in and loved every bite!

But, my two favorites are the rosemary herb crusted sun-dried tomato layered brie and almond crusted cheddar! WOW! I’m going back for more! I envision wine and vegan cheese pairings soon!

Did you know there are vegan and non-vegan wines? Yep! It’s true! And, they have a great selection of certified vegan wines and one champagne that are certified vegan. How about that for a summer picnic or holiday party!

If your in the mood for a sandwich, they’ve got plenty to choose from as well a tomato basil soup too.

Check out the following photos. You will be hungry!

sun-dried tomato and rosemary brie and almond-crusted cheddar

comfortable seating surrounded by lots of natural light

Caesar Chavez Salad with grated vegan parmesan, crunchy croutons and scratch made cashew Caesar Dressing

The cheese cases are filled with a wide array of vegan cheeses with many styles and flavors to choose from.

warm, gooey and tangy grilled Pesto-Change-O grilled sammie with melty mozzarella, creamy cheddar, kale pesto and avocado 

Bacon.Brie.Me is a hearty sandwich with aged creamy vegan brie, crispy vegan bacon, carmelized onions, arugula and fig jam all layered in between baguette slices.

So many delicious selections! 

rows and rows of certified vegan wine including champagne!

Take advantage of these upcoming cool and sunny spring days and enjoy your meal outside!

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