2015 Rutini Trumpeter is the Perfect Wine for Summertime

Who am I kidding? Trumpeter is a fantastic white wine from Argentina to enjoy anytime and especially for the summer months of wining and dining!



2015 Rutini Trumpeter Torrontes

 Producing Region: Tupungato, Mendoza

Varietal: 100% Torrontes

Suggested Retail Price: $10.99


Trumpeter Torrontes is consistently an extraordinarily elegant and crowd pleasing wine from Argentina. Torrontes is the signature white grape of Argentina and has quickly become one of the top wines for white wine lovers and the Rutini winemakers know how to do it right.

About Trumpeter Torrontes 2015

                                              I have written before about Rutini Wines located on the outskirts of Mendoza, Argentina and I have always been impressed with the quality and freshness of their 100% hand-harvested grapes and hand-crafted wines. The winemaker has perfected the process by allowing the true expression of the grape varietal and, in turn, gives us the opportunity to enjoy a clean, crisp and fresh wine that pleases many palates and pairs with a variety of food, especially for the summer.

Aromas and Flavors


This intense white wine has body, big aromas and flavors of ripe tropical fruits, and Meyer lemon-like acidity that has a long finish that lightly coats your mouth with juicy, fresh pineapple, peaches, lemons and lots of perfumed exotic floral aromas that can be detected as your raise the glass to your nose. Stainless steel fermentation with no oak preserves fresh fruit flavors and aromas making them front and center.



What a great wine for all types of seafood, grilled chicken or chops with spicy pineapple jalapeño glaze. And, don’t forget about the cheese and fruit platters that are so popular at picnics and summertime gatherings. For the best expression of flavors and aromas of the wine, serve chilled.

Cheers to warm weather gatherings with friends!


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