Celebrate Bastille Day on July 14th with Three Fabulous Domaines Paul Mas Wines!

What better time than Bastille Day to stop and appreciate the joy of a refreshing glass of wine?


On July 14th, 1789, Bastille Day signaled the beginning of the French Revolution which forced the creation of the modern French Republic. This Thursday, there will be fireworks, parades and big celebrations. If your’e not there, NO PROBLEM!

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About the winemaker:

Jean Claude Mas, 4th generation vigneron and owner of Domaines Paul Mas, is a native of the region and loves to mark the occasion with festivities in the 12 estates he owns across the Languedoc. Jean Claude characterizes his wines as “Luxe Rural,” an appreciation of the simple pleasures of life, artfully rendered by nature.

Here are Jean Claude’s top three suggestions:

Coté Mas Sud de France   Rosé Aurore  $10.99

Region of France: IGP Languedoc 


This is a very delightful dry rosè wine. What do you get when you blend Grenache 50%, Cinsault 30%, Syrah 20% ?  Rosè Aurore is a very thirst-quenching, mouthwatering and a light refreshing wine with distinct flavors of juicy strawberry and raspberry that finishes with light fresh with acidity. This is a great go-to wine that everyone will love. I suggest keeping several bottles in your fridge for summer evening wine sipping.


Well, this one great wine on its own. Yet, you will enjoy this with all summer salads, especially those with fruit, grilled chicken, fish and all cheeses.

Chateau Paul Mas Belluguette   $19.99

Region of France: Languedoc 


This is a floral, full-bodied dry white wine that is a harmonious blend of Vermentino 40%, Roussanne 30%, Grenache 20%, Viognier 10% grapes. A tropical fruit bowl of flavors and aromas tempt your taste buds such as pineapple, green melon, ripe mango and a touch of ripe pear that will fill your senses. I think of a refreshing bite of creamy yet mouthwatering lemon curd with extra lemon zest for a long, pleasing finish.


This tasty wine would be great to pair with a variety of summer appetizers or cool entrees with buttery seafood dishes of crab, shrimp or roasted fish. Or, how about grilled lemon-herb marinated chicken thighs served with a crisp summer salad, yes!


Chateau Paul Mas     Clos des Mûres  $19.99

Region of France: Languedoc 


The grape varietal blend is 85% Syrah, 10% Grenache, 5% Mouvedre.

Instense flavors, slightly drying tannins on the palate and aromas black fruit, red fruits including black cherries and blackberries and strawberries, fresh acidity and warm spices are just what you would expect from this distinctive blend. This dry red wine is fills your mouth with fresh juicy fruit, dark chocolate and warm spices that might make you crave a blackberry cobbler with whipped cream.


This wine is the perfect magnet for savory grilled lamb chops, chargrilled ribeye steaks and marinated quail or venison. And, just perfect for an appetizer platter of fresh berries, manchego or aged gouda.

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