Cheers to Organic Margaritas with Soley Real Fruit Juice with a Kick and Tequila Sheela


photo of Soley Mango Passionfruit with reposado Organic Tequila Sheela rimmed with Mexican Tajin

As a member of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, we recently participated in a Zoom Happy Hour with Chris Hafbauer, found of Soley Beverage and Natalie Merrick , cofounder and long time friend of Sheela who founded Tequila Sheela, a premium tequila that is also organic. Read more about Natalie, Sheela and their rockn organic tequila on the website here.  Although we were provided with a sample margarita cocktail kit, these are my words and opinions.

Let me just say, I love these cocktails!

Aren’t collaborations grand?

Together they put each of their products together and created a most unique way of drinking margaritas!

Soley Beverage, imported from Belgium, is a one-of-a-kind natural fruit mixer without additives such as corn syrup, and all natural with fruit juices with a slight kick of alcohol. Whether it’s Mango + Passion Fruit, Superfruit Pomegranate + Blueberry or Coconut, you’ve got the absolute perfect mixer to go with Sheela Tequila Organic Tequila which creates an out-of-this-world refreshing Margarita. As Chris explained, there is nothing comparable on the market today. These all-natural pressed fruit mixers are a blend of fresh fruit juice with a low alcoholic kick, They are just right for sipping as-is over ice and of course, making fruit margaritas like you’ve never had before.

Natalie and Sheela accomplished their goal of selecting and bringing a premium Tequila to us that is clean, fresh and organic. There are three organic tequilas to fall in love with: Silver, Reposado and Añejo. The silver is clean, crisp and fresh and the aged tequilas are rich with flavors such as vanilla and oak.

Regardless of your preference, a great margarita is in your future.

Organic Margarita Kits available for you!

How about a convenient margarita kit? Juicing with a Kick Organic Margarita kits are available for your convenience for two cocktails. The kit contains a bottle of simple syrup and recipe card. We were provided with a Mango + Passionfruit kit for each of us to try and enjoy. And, then, I ran to Total Wine and purchased the 750 ml sizes of the silver tequila and Soley Superfruit.

Mixing Options

To the Mango Margarita, I rimmed the glass in my favorite BBQ Seasoning or use the Mexican fruit seasoning Tajin, which created a fabulous spicy salt rim. And, for the Superfruit Margarita, I used agave syrup instead of simple syrup and rimmed the glass in a mixture of salt, sugar and fresh lime zest. AWESOME!

You will need to have fresh limes/lime juice on hand. We are lucky here in Texas because Central Market sells bottles of freshly squeezed lime juice just for these occasions!

What to purchase:

Decisions. Decisions.

Because the Soley Fruit Mixers are freshly pressed fruits with a touch of alcohol, if you buy the 750ml, remember that it needs to be refrigerated and used in a timely manner for the best tasting cocktail. If you’re which flavor you would like, I would highly recommend getting a couple of cocktail kits to find your bliss. You’ll need fresh lime juice for either purchase and for the 750 mls you’ll need to make simple syrup or get a bottle of agave syrup at an grocery store.

Check out the following photos. You will be thirsty!


photo: Soley Superfruit Pomegranate Blueberry and silver organic Tequila Sheela rimmed in a blend of salt, sugar and lime zest garnished with blueberries





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