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Experience The Art of Cooking Authentic Spanish Paella with Lisa





Host a Paella Party at your home

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    • Lisa will bring the signature dish of Spain to you for a casual backyard gathering that you and your guests will rave about!


    • Paella, the most popular and well known dish of Spain, is a vibrant rice dish often cooked outdoors over an open flame.


    • A Paella Party is a great reason to celebrate with family and friends which will be centered around a large paella brimming with vibrantly tinted Bomba rice and locally sourced vegetables with succulent meats, seafoods and mouthwatering aromas of spices.


    • The passion and spirit of Spain is reflected in its food; paella’s origin is from Valencia where peasants working in the fields filled their paella pans with food from the Mediterranean coast as well as the fields to nourish themselves in a communal style while at work.


  • In Spain, paella is a family affair. Families and friends gather around a bubbling pan filled with brilliant yellow rice and fragrances of bold spices of saffron, chorizo and succulent seafood and roasted meats.




Customize Your Paella Party

    • Paella packages available: Package includes Authentic Customized Paella with local and authentic ingredients, the highest quality ingredients traceable from Whole Foods, Porter Rd Butcher in Nashville and imported ingredients such as saffron and authentic Spanish Chorizo only from sources with the highest standards of quality


    • Large parties will require a large paella pan which usually will not fit on a typical indoor gas range therefore the paella will need to be cooked outdoors.You will need to send dimensions and photo of your indoor gas range and that will help in the decision for indoor cooking.
    • For inclement weather Lisa will need to cook underneath an open patio with adequate lighting for evening dinners.
    • Lisa only cooks with the highest quality shrimp and seafood from Southern waters including the Gulf, Alabama or Florida, highest quality mussels and Southern clams, chicken and any other meats included.


    • Package Price depends on the number of guests and tapas and wine packages are priced separately  Available Paella packages: 2 to 6 guests, 7 to 12 guests, up to 25 guests, up to 36 guests


      • What is included in the package? Lisa’s professionally prepared on-site customized Paella to the number of guests that will attend your event and a tapas platter which includes 2 Spanish Cheeses, Bread, Spanish Marcona Almonds and Lisa’s one-of-a-kind Smoked and Seasoned Olives that you and your guests will absolutely love!


    • Tapas Package: Warm Tapas small-plate package priced separately. Ask Lisa about the savory tapas dishes that have become a huge hit with guests! You can choose from a package of 3 or 6 tapas and a package of 9 for a Tapas Event without paella.


    • Wine: if you choose, Lisa will professionally hand-select wines to pair with your event: priced separately, Lisa will share her knowledge of the wines selected and how to choose wines that pair best with boldly seasoned dishes such as Spanish and Mediterranean.


    • Unfortunately at this time, gluten-free or vegan diets cannot be accommodated for a Paella Event. I cannot assure that ingredients used will accommodate or fit the standards of a vegan or gluten-free diet.


  • Please contact Lisa for more detailed information:


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