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Paella Party!

Enjoy the art of cooking authentic Spanish Paella with Lisa!

(A new style of Paella: Nashville’s Hot Chicken Paella-a newly customized Paella that you will LOVE!)


Host a Paella Party at your home

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  • Lisa will bring the signature dish of Spain to you for a casual backyard gathering that you and your guests will rave about!
  • Paella, the most popular and well known dish of Spain, is a vibrant rice dish often cooked outdoors over an
  • open flame.
  • A Paella Party is a great reason to celebrate with family and friends which will be centered around a large paella brimming with vibrantly tinted Bomba rice and locally sourced vegetables with succulent meats, seafoods and mouthwatering aromas of spices.
  • The passion and spirit of Spain is reflected in its food; paella’s origin is from Valencia where peasants working in the fields filled their paella pans with food from the Mediterranean coast as well as the fields to nourish themselves in a communal style while at work.
  • In Spain, paella is a family affair. Families and friends gather around a bubbling pan filled with brilliant yellow rice and fragrances of bold spices of saffron, chorizo and succulent seafood and roasted meats.



New Custom Paella–-Nashville Hot Chicken Paella! I have combined an Authentic Spanish Paella with Nashville’s Signature Dish!


    • From 2 to 60 guests, a paella dinner can be customized to fit your needs.
    • Lisa has 7 Paella Pans ranging in all sizes up to 36 inches, which can feed a very hungry crowd!
    • Lisa will customize the paella dinner, contact her for more information.
    • For example of a Vegetarian Paella: Wild Mushroom Paella with Crispy Artichoke Hearts and Sautéed Kale with a Socarrat Crust
    • Lisa will be happy to select unique Spanish wines that pair with the event
    • Your guests will enjoy a selection of tapas while watching Lisa prepare the paella.
    • In-home Spanish cooking classes are available including tapas and paella

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