My Texas Plate: My Focaccia Food Art Featuring Sunflowers and Grapes

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Plays well with food

Some play music, some play with paint, I play with food. I’ve been creating my version of food art with my paellas and realized I had been missing out on other edible food mediums.

A simple recipe of flour, water, yeast and salt creates a canvas for those of us who consider ourselves as food artists.

La Boite NY posted a no knead focaccia recipe and I was so impressed by the texture, aroma and flavors from their recipe I created my first Focaccia art in a previous article.

Once you make your canvas, anything edible can be used to transform the risen dough into a work of art. You know, it’s even more delicious when it looks pretty!

Sunflowers and grapes make me happy so this seems to be a common theme with my bread so far, but I will be branching out.

A bottle of wine, a cheese board and this focaccia is all you really need for an unforgettable meal.

Follow this link for the original focaccia article and my inspired recipe.


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