My Texas Plate: No Knead Focaccia Becomes a Palette for Texas Wildflowers

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Brilliantly colored wildflowers are abundant across the Texas landscape in the spring, especially when we have adequate winter and spring rains. With all of the crazy things going on during the spring of 2020, at least Mother Nature gave us an endless bouquet of wildflowers.

One of my favorite wildflowers is the bold red and yellow Indian Blanket flower. Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous !?!?!? Nature is at it’s best during the spring in Texas!

My other passion as of late is making focaccia. In my previous posts (linked here) I showcase my other favorite flower, the Sunflower. I can’t get enough of the big, yellow, majestic sunflowers and paying homage to them with my focaccia art is my way of showing my passion for these cheerful flowers and making bread.

Along our springtime walks near our home, we always stop to admire all the wildflowers. I’ve always loved the Indian Blanket wildflower, so what better way to honor this gift of nature than create my art, my way.

I am so happy that I found a way to express my passion for my favorite flowers through my food art.

Thank you, La Boîte, for posting your focaccia recipe and for creating my favorite blend of za’taar and olive oil.

This is my za’taar-infused no knead focaccia slathered in olive oil inspired from La Boite NY. To the original recipe posted earlier on my website, I added 1 T of za’taar. Dip the warm focaccia in parmesan, balsamic vinegar infused olive oil!




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