Ri’chard’s Louisiana Café features Original Live Music, Authentic Cajun & Creole Cuisine and the Best Roast Beef Po Boy I Have Ever Tasted!

Just a few miles down the road from the city of Nashville in White’s Creek,New Orleans native and owner of Ri’chard’s Louisiana Café, Richard Trest, created a South Louisiana-style oasis with a venue for live music and the best damn Cajun and Creole food around! (For those who are not from Louisiana, Ri’chard’s is pronounced “REE-CHARD’S”)


Although Richard has been making music since the age of 16, his career path led him to settle into a corporate job in Baton Rouge. As his song writing passion grew with increasing notoriety, the rich music culture of Nashville drew him and his family to Tennessee.


In 2005, a historic renovated building became Ri’chard’s Louisiana Café. This café is about as authentic as it gets. As you might know, I am a Louisiana transplant and I immediately felt a connection with Richard and his Louisiana Cajun food, the food that we were raised on in Louisiana.

Since Louisiana culture will always be running through my veins, I am always a little bit nostalgic (aka homesick) for my glorious Louisiana-inspired life that made me who I am today. Ri’chard’s is a place where I can get my “Louisiana fix!”  If you have ever been lucky enough hang out with a bunch of Cajun’s in their homes, you know how welcoming and generous they are. Their home is your home as you eat, drink and laugh until all hours of the night.

Ri’chard’s Cajun Hospitality will embrace you and then know exactly what makes being from South Louisiana feels like!

The atmosphere is warm and inviting and the music is authentic and original only! Ri’chard’s has made a success out of inviting songwriters and performers for an opportunity to showcase their original music: jazz, Country, Americana, Bluegrass, Alternative rock, Folk. Check out the website for shows!


Richard puts his own authentic spin on classic Cajun and Creole Dishes. That’s what I love about food from South Louisiana. Creating a true New Orleans culinary experience is something that you really have to live and experience it first hand to be understand how it should taste. This is something you just can’t teach. These are skills and recipes that have been handed down in families for generations.

One bite of the Roast Beef Po Boy aka The Katrina, and it transcends you the unique culinary culture of the world~ New Orleans. It’s not just Roast Beef. His recipe is filled with layers and layers upon flavors that all come together in a low and slow oven to produce the best Po Boy I have pretty much ever had!

(Oh, don’t tell Richard that I have the recipe below!)

You must experience first-hand the delicious juicy and mind-blowing flavors yourself, then TRY to recreate it, I dare you!


Our mouths were watering! The aromas of the rich juices and spices were almost overwhelming! Yes! I loved it!


Enjoying a cup of Community Coffee and being treated to music and a Po Boy is about as good as it gets! There will always be Louisiana in my soul with a touch of Texas for flare and it made me just feel great to be surrounded by what I am familiar with and talk to someone who knows what its all about!



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