Top Nashville Chefs Compete to Determine Nashville’s Premier Grill Master Presented by Kingsford Charcoal and Coca-Cola!

Grab a bag of Kingsford Charcoal,Choice Premium Steaks from Walmart and Fire Up the Grill!
It’s GRILLING SEASON! Memorial Day is just around the corner. Kingsford Charcoal is kicking off the season with Grill Master Contest with local Chefs as well as chefs from Tampa,Miami,Houston,San Antonio,Dallas and Atlanta.

Chef Willie Thomas will take his winning steak recipe to New York May 22nd to compete with the other 7 Chef Finalists from around the country for the Best Seared Steak Honors to be judged in a contest by Champion Pit Master Chris Lilly and other food luminaries.

Coffee and Chili Rubbed Ribeyes with Caramelized Onion and Blue Cheese Vinaigrette is the Grill Master Winner!

Chefs Bob Waggoner from Watermark Restaurant and Willy Thomas from Park Cafe competed in the Walmart Choice Steak Challenge presented by KINGSFORD Charcoal and Coca-Cola to determine who has the best grilled steak in town. Nashville was one of eight markets selected for this Grilling Challenge.

Grilling Season is here! Walmart’s Choice Premium Beef was front and center stage in today’s challenge.
The high quality steaks are just in time for grilling season and Walmart believes in this product so much that if for some reason you are not satisfied shoppers can return their steaks and receive a full refund on a gift card. Trust me, that won’t be happening. The steaks are awesome. These Perfectly marbled,juicy and savory steaks will be on my grill this summer!

Chef Willy Thomas and Chef Bob Waggoner

Chef Willy’s steaks on the grill

Chef Bob’s steaks on the grill

Chef Bob Waggoner’s recipe: Steaks grilled then placed on top of Rosemary and smothered in Maitre D Compound Butter

Chef Waggoner’s Maitre D Butter

Which one did I vote for?

I am not going to tell you because they were  different but equally outstanding recipes and expertly prepared by two amazing Chefs! I loved them both and would jump at the chance to sample them again!

The rich and buttery steaks with a hint of smoke and rosemary were perfectly seasoned and the flavors of the compound butter were outstanding.
Maitre D Butter is a compound butter that is filled with herbs such as parsley and chervil and mixed with garlic,shallots and lemon. Chef Wagoner then rolled the butter into cylinders and chilled them. Once his steaks were grilled,he then put them on top of rosemary. The melted compound butter was generously poured all other the steaks to let them bathe the flavors! Excellent!

Chef Thomas’Smokey Coffee-crusted steaks were topped with Caramelized onions and Blue Cheese-infused Balsamic Vinaigrette for a winning combination! Brilliant!

Customers were invited to sample the steaks and choose their favorite. Each sample had a different color toothpick (Red and Blue).Everyone was asked to choose their favorite steak by placing the color-coded toothpick in a container. At the end, the toothpicks were counted to see who had the most votes!
Refreshing Coke Zero was provided for everyone!

Everyone is enjoying the steaks!

Chef Waggoner grilling the steaks

Paul Wright,Executive Chef of Eastland Cafe was behind the scenes helping Chef Thomas prep the steak! His lovely wife showed up and won the door prize! Grilling Tools by Kingsford!

What an awesome day! Sampling fabulous steak AND having my picture taken with Nashville’s favorite Chefs!

Got a great photo of Chef Waggoner heading out on his bike!

Check out for steak grilling tips and RECIPES from all of the participating chefs.


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