My Paella Travels and Ab Astris Winery Pair Up with Flamenco Music For a Texas-Style Paella and Wine Event

Texas Fusion Paella, Texas Tempranillo and Flamenco Music were front and center at Ab Astris Winery in Stonewall, TX.

What better way to celebrate Tempranillo in the Texas Hill Country than to pair it with a paella that is filled with smokey brisket, chorizo, andouille and chicken with a rich, flavorful broth.

*My Paella Travels is my mobile Paella Catering Business creating paella events for private events as well as winery events. They are a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.*

Ab Astris Winery, located a few miles outside of Fredericksburg, opened their doors and began pouring wine earlier in the spring. They wanted to do something fun for their wine club member pick up and decided that paella and music would be a great way to celebrate. You can stop by their tasting room to sip and sample their wines from Texas grown grapes including their awesome Tannat, Tempranillo, Montepulciano and Roussanne, to name just a few. Please check out their winery and website for their current releases and wine club here.

Guests enjoyed wine and cheese boards while listening to the soulful and jazzy Flamenco music by Nathan Hinojosa.

Ab Astris means of the stars and it seemed that everyone was sitting under the stars (Estrellas) enjoying their Saturday afternoon. The fire pits were keeping everyone cozy and the food and wine was keeping everyone happy.

Nathan Hinjosa 

With the help of my daughter and husband, we served over 70 guests with three paellas! It was a busy afternoon but we loved it.

As you can see, my dear husband Eddie is in charge of keeping my paella pans nice and shiny! Can you tell how excited he is to be doing that? LOL! Actually, he’s pretty obsessive with keeping my pans clean and shiny before and after each event. No! He’s not for hire. He’s mine!

This lively group of winery guests really loved my paella!

Wine, paella and music under the big Texas Hill Country sky – a glorious afternoon.

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