My Paella Travels: Sunday Night is Paella Night at Vino Vino!

Enjoy some of the best paella in Austin,Texas on Sunday nights at Vino Vino! Vino Vino Wine Bar and Restaurant is located on 4119 in Austin, Texas 78751

Vino Vino features two amazing paellas on Sunday night at 7pm. Authentically prepared paellas are traditionally either meat or seafood, usually not mixed. You can choose between a Roasted Meat Paella, Seafood Paella or have some of both!

If you can’t hop on a plane today for Spain, take a little trip to Vino Vino and experience a culinary adventure with Spain’s most famous dish!

The paella is brought out of the kitchen at 7pm so get to the bar a little early for a few appetizers and wine. The menu offers a varieties of great small dishes as well as entrées.


Paella has been my obsession for many years! I bought my first paella pan about 25 years ago and have been on the search for the best paella recipe ever since. I have entertained guests in my home with Paella Parties and have held Spanish Feasts featuring paella, tapas and wine for parties with friends and clients.

My obsession or PASSION for paella may have come from growing up in Louisiana with its rich culture and cuisine. Jambalaya is similar to paella,which was brought to Louisiana by Spanish explorers. Saffron was expensive and hard find so tomatoes may have been used as a substitute.

Jeff Courington,owner of Vino Vino, wanted to do something no one else was doing. He told me that he traveled to Spain to eat paella from all the different regions. Paella is the king among rice dishes and reflects the region by the ingredients in the paella. Nearer to the coast, you will find seafood paella and nearer the plains, roasted meat paella might be what’s for dinner.

This paella was filled with savory roasted short ribs,chorizo,chicken and pork! The roasted meat flavors were absorbed into the creamy yet firm bomba rice (paella rice) and was perfectly seasoned with garlic and saffron. Crispy kale and juicy tomatoes just added to symphony of amazing flavors. We loved it!


Seafood Paella! Spectacular! Succulent shrimp and scallops, sweet mussels and octopus were in every delicious bite. Again, the rice was cooked to perfection and the green beans and roasted red peppers completed this dish. The seasonings were absolutely perfect. I couldn’t get enough!

Here is a sneak peak of the paellas cooking in the kitchen on authentic paella burners from Spain. In Spain, you will also find paella being cooked over an outdoor fire.


We enjoyed the dramatic presentation! Once cooked, the paellas are carried out from the kitchen and placed at the edge of the bar. Paella is a communal dish and it would be typical that families and friends would sit around the dish and eat out of it together.


Leon is dishing up my paella!


The wine selections at Vino Vino are extensive and they feature several Spanish wines from varying regions that are favorites of mine.


One of my new favorite wines is D.Ventura 2011 Pena do Lobo 100% Mencia Grape from Galacia,Spain.
Fresh berry aroma and flavors and unique minerality of the grape Mencia is a beautiful wine.
Read more about this wine on my latest post at Wine with Lisa:


Great ambiance,cozy interior,great location staff! My new favorite wine bar and restaurant!




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